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Pobeda peak expedition

Pobeda peak

Base Camp South Inylchek will be active between 1st of July and 31st of August in 2018.

Among all the other peaks of the grand Tien Shan mountain range Pobeda Peak overranges them with more than 400 meters. Having complex and broad structure, this peak produces the most reverential impression on people. Soviet mountaineers climbed the peak in the thirties of the last century. However, until the spring of 1943 it wasnt known that they had actually reached the highest summit of the Northern mountain range. The Soviet team managed to conquer the peak in 1943 and at last it was named Pobeda Peak with the meaning of "victory peak". 

To climb this mountain is rather exhausting and dangerous. Pobeda Peak is considered the coldest mountain on earth". Most routes up it start from the Northwest and West and in fact its one of the northest 7000 peaks in the world. Because of all these factors climbers experience an additional difficulty in reaching it. A lot of climbers, mostly Russian, sacrificed their lives on this mountain. For the last 10 years not many mountaineers have climbed the mountain due to its bad reputation.

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