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Lenin Peak Sky Marathon


Lenin Peak Sky Marathon 

Race website: Lenin Race  

"Ak-Sai Travel" Company announce a joint project VII High speed ascent to Lenin peak. 

Lenin Peak is the highest summit of Zaalaysky Range. Its height is 7134 meters above sea level.  

There are 3 seven thousand meters peaks on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, and Lenin Peak is the most accessible and popular among mountaineers in the world. 

Lenin Peak is usually a starting summit for the Snow Leopard program. Lenin Peak is one of beloved summits of experienced mountaineers and ski-mountaineers. The route does not have a technical difficulty. And the descent from the seven thousand meters peak is unforgettable even for the lovers of the most extreme sports. Weather conditions are propitious enough in the region of Lenin Peak. However, you shouldnt forget that Lenin Peak is seven thousand meters summit and d big difficulty of the expedition to the Lenin Peak is the altitude.

Low temperatures, the periods of foul weather, as well as avalanches must be taken into account. The Achik Tash Base Camp, which is the starting point for the expedition to Lenin Peak, is situated on a verdant glade on the altitude of 3000m, The 1st camp is located on a moraine on the altitude of 4400m. Both camps offer a comfortable accommodation and give a perfect possibility to have a good rest during the expedition.

In 1928, 3 German mountaineers (K. Win, E. Allvein, E. Schneider) were the first who climbed to Kaufmann Peak (it was the first name of the summit was given by Russian explorer A. P. Fedchenko). The same year Kaufmann Peak was given a new name Lenin Peak. In times of Soviet Union, a huge part of the mountaineers gained their first experience trying to conquer Lenin Peak. Nowadays, mountaineers from all over the world try to climb it.

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