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General information

ATTENTION! To participation in Yuhin Peak expedition the purchase of an insurance policy is OBLIGATORY!

Below you can check the list of our requirements to the insurance policy.
1) GLOBAL VOYAGER CAN NOT INTERVENE as an insurance company assistant . Our company does not work with GLOBAL VOYAGER assistant. In case the client has purchased an insurance policy in any company whose assistant is GLOBAL VOYAGER, medical and transportation expenses will be borne by the client involved.
2) The sum of the policy must cover not less than USD 20000,00
3) In the field "occupation" (or "sports practice") Mountain Tourism or Trekking
must be notified
4) As Country of stay - Kyrgyzstan
5) The effective dates of the insurance policy must be included and coincide with the dates of Stay in Kyrgyzstan
6) The insurance policy must cover at least "first aid" and "transportation of the injured" by helicopter if necessary. The amount of coverage for the "transportation of the injured" must be at least $ 10000,00 (be sure of this point to be included during the formalization of the insurance policy)

Attention. Responsibility for the reliability of the insurance company and for the accordance of insurance policy to the Ak-Sai Travel demands holds by the owner of insurance.

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