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Detailed Itinerary

 Meals Accomodation
12th of June


Bishkek city -   Konorchek Stone town (140km)

The group gathers to have a breakfast in a local café. Transfer Bishkek city start of the trek in Konorchek canyon. There is an adventure for us we are heading along a twisting canyon to Eolian castles the red canyon. Martian landscapes similar to Grand Canyon. There is a feeling of being a pioneer. We set our tents and have a lunch in the field picnic. We start exploring the canyon and find the spots for taking sunset and sunrise pictures. 

Sunset shooping. Picnic dinner.
If it is a nice clear weather and a small moon we take pictures of the starlit sky and the canyon with artificial light. Overnight in the tents.

NB: Konorchek trail seems to be difficult. It is necessary to be fit and ready for a hike. Please bring your hiking boots. If there are participants in the group who are not confident about their walking abilities they may get to the camping by car.

B - cafe,
L - picnic,
D - picnic
2 Monday.
13th of June
Konorchek Skazka canyon (170km)

Wake up before sunrise (approximately at 4 am). Morning shooting in Konorchek canyon. Breakfast in the open air. Departure at 9am. We leave for Skazka canyon (Fairy Tale). It is situated on the Southern shore of Issyk Kul lake. We sert our tents. Lunch picnic and sunset shooting of the canyon. Dinner in the open air. Overnight in the tents.    
L- picnic,
D- picnic
14th of June

Skazka canyon Barskoon gorge Kumtor pass Arabel plateau (80km)

Wake up before sunrise (approximately at 4 am). Shooting the sunrise in Skazka canyon. Breakfast in the open air. Slowly we put the camp together and leave for Barskoon gorge. It is located about 80km. We get to Kumtor pass where we stop for taking pictures. Lunch picnic. Further drive to Arabel plateau. We look for a nice place and set our tents. After choosing the view point we take evening pictures. Dinner in the open air. Overnight in the tents.
L- picnic,
D- picnic

4 Wednesday. 15th of June
Arabel plateau Chon Kyzyl Suu gorge- hot springs (105km)

Wake up before sunrise (approximately at 4 am). Shooting Arabel plateau at sunrise. Breakfast in the open air. Further drive from the plateau to Chon Kyzyl Suu gorge. It is about 105km. We drive deep into the gorge, take pictures of it, its rivers, sandbars and mountain landscapes. Lunch picnic. After hard work we get an award hot springs! We take baths, rest. Dinner and overnight in a guest house near the hot springs.

L- picnic,
D- guest house
Guest house 
5  Thursday.   16th of June

Kichine Kyzyl Suu gorge (35 km)

Wake up at 9am. Breakfast. We leave for Kichine Kyzyl Suu gorge. The drive is about 35km. We get to the view point at the red rocks. Shooting in the gorge the amazing mountain landscapes with fir-trees. Lunch picnic. We return to the gorge entrance and set our tents. Shooting at sunset. Dinner in the open air. Overnight in the tents.
B- guest house
L- picnic,
D - picnic
6 Friday.
17th of June

Kyzyl Suu gorge Djety Oguz gorge
(55 km)

Wake up before sunrise (approximately at 4 am). Shooting sunrise. Gathering the camp and driving towards Djety Oguz gorge. The drive is about 55km. We park the car at the river bank and stay near the red rocks until sunset. Lunch picnic. After the sunset in the twilight we go further along the gorge to the yurt camp. Overnight in the yurts. If we are lucky we might meet the shepherds, take photos of them surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Dinner and overnight in the yurt camp.
B- tents
L- picnic,
D yurt camp
Yurt camp
18th of June

Djety Oguz gorge Karakol town (35 km)

Wake up before sunrise (approximately at 4 am). Sunrise shooting. We slowly get ready to move to Karakol town. The drive is 35km. Accommodation in a guest house. Lunch in a local café. After lunch we meet in the hall and discuss the pictures that we had taken. We explain the mistakes, learn to work with the material, compose panoramic pictures, etc. At sunset we go to the view point in Karaol gorge. Dinner in a local café. Overnight in the guest house.

 B yurt camp,
L - cafe,
D- cafe    
Green Yard guest house
19th of June
Karakol town Cattle market salt lake at Issyk Kul Lake (180km)

Wake up at 5am. Light snacks. We are going to the Cattle market! Sheep, horses, noise and dirt! It is so picturesque! We arrive rather early in the morning to see the trade. And further to the food market. Again reportage photography, we buy fruit, berries, etc. Return to the hotel where we take our luggage and check out. The breakfast is in a local café.
We are going to a salt lake near Issyk Kul lake. Check in to a guest house. Lunch in the guest house. We can swim in the lake and apply the mud, which has medicinal qualities. At sunset we take pictures of the lake and the mountains (Terskei Alatoo range). Dinner and overnight in the guest house.
B- snacks and in a local cafe
L,D - guest house
Guest house
 9  Monday,
20th of June
Sunrise at salt lake drive up to Son Kul lake (225 km)

Wake up before sunrise (approximately at 4 am). Shooting the lake and the mountains at sunrise. Breakfast and drive towards Son Kul lake at 9 am. The drive is about 225km. En route we stop at Kochkor village to visit the local handicraft museum-shop. We will watch and participate in felt carpet making. The museum-shop contains a lot of tushkiyiz (felt carpets and embroided textile). The owner of the museum-shop will tell you the story and the symbols of the pieces. Lunch in a local Kyrgyz family. Further drive to Son Kul lake over Kalmak Ashuu pass (3446m). There are several stops with amazing views. If we are lucky we might see herds of yaks and we will try to take photos of them. Kyrgyz yaks are half wild and are afraid of a human. We will have to sneak up to them, crawl or use telephoto.
Arrival to the yurt camp located on the Southern shore of Son Kul lake, Dinner and overnight in the yurt camp.    
B   guest house
L- local family
D-yurt camp

Yurt camp
 10  Tuesday,
21st of June
Full day at Son Kul Lake

Wake up before sunrise (approximately at 4 am). Drive to the view point. After shooting we return to the camp for breakfast. Rest and lunch in the yurt camp.  

After lunch we leave for the nomads. Meeting a family, communication, reportage shooting. The traditional game on the horses is organized for us Kokboru (goat tearing). Before sunset we move to the view point sandbars of a mountain river. We learn to take pictures of the soft water. Return to the yurt camp. Dinner and overnight in the yurt camp. 
B,L,D yurt camp Yurt camp
 11 Wednesday,
22nd of June

Son Kul lake 33 parrots pass Bishkek city  (400km)

Wake up at 8 a.m., breakfast in the camp.
After breakfast we leave for Bishkek city over 33 parrots pass (3133m). The drive is about 400km. Lunch in a café en route.

Farewell dinner in Bishkek. We exchange the impressions and communicate. Overnight in a hotel in Bishkek city. 
B yurt camp,
L- cafe,
D- hotel
Hotel 3*
 12  Tuesday,
23rd of June
Bishkek city Manas airport (30km)

Breakfast in the hotel.
Departure home (transfer to the airport).

If you depart later we suggest paraplane flight (not included into the package price). The flights are held in tandem with a professional instructor at 200 and 1000m. The flights depend on the weather. 
B - hotel  
End of our service  

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