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Trekking Tour "To the Heart of Tien Shan" fixed departure dates.

Duration: 14 days / 14 nights.

Level of difficulty: 

Trip features: Trek to Base Camps Southern Inilchek and Karkara, high altitude trekking camps (2800 m. - 4100 m. a.s.l.).

1st program with fixed date:  July 12th, 2018.
2nd program with fixed date:  August 9th, 2018.

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General information

Duration of the 1st program with fixed date: from 12 July to 25 July 2018.
Duration of the 2
nd program with fixed date: from 9 August to 22 August 2018.
Cost of the program in 2018:  2300 USD / pax.

The trip we offer below is a trekking tour along the mountain trails in Tien Shan. It begins in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Then you are transferred to At Jailoo alpine meadow. From here the trekking starts. You will see the real beauty of these mountains, the serenity and silence of Tien Shan, the "Celestial Mountains", you will trek along one of the biggest glaciers in the world, and hike close to the mysterious Merzbacher Lake. Your trip finishes at South Inylchek, a base camp located at the foot of the magnificent peak Khan Tengri (7010 m.)

In season 2018 Ak-Sai Travel continues setting up stationary tent camps along the whole route. Travel with comfort! If you book the trek "To The Heart Of Tien-Shan", you will enjoy all the facilities and commodities of our fixed camps all the way along the trek! It also gives you a number of advantages:

1)    Your journey is easier and more comfortable than ever as you do not need to carry any food, tents, kitchen utensils,    etc.
2)    Your journey becomes cheaper, as there is no need to hire any porters, cooks, etc. Moreover, there is no crowd to spoil the views.
3)    The journey is safer, as you get a detailed map with the route description. There is means of communication in every tent camp.
4)    You have more time to discover and learn new things, you can try new dishes of the national cuisine, and relax at the end of the day.

Khan-Tengri peak, which is situated in the most northern and remote part of the great Asian mountain range, takes the second place among the highest mounts in this region. Undoubtedly, the wonderful pyramid of Khan-Tengri is the jem of the Tien Shan.

Itinerary:  Bishkek Karakol - At-Jailoo - Inylchek glacier - Putevodniy glacier - Mertzbakher Glade and Lake - Komsomolskiy glacier - Dikiy glacier - South Inylchek base camp Karkara - Bishkek.

(simple tour with some short transfers, basic excursions, accommodation in hotels)
  (middle level of difficulty tour. Possible long drive, accommodation in hotels and guest houses, light hiking in the mountains up to 2 hours)
(tour with elements of adventure. Visit mountain base camps, high altitude camps over 4000 m asl, accommodation in tents, yurts, hiking in the mountains up to 4 hours.)


Departs on Ends on Option Price Reservation
12 July 2018
25 July 2018
DBL room accommodation
$2300 USD / person
9 August 2018
22 August 2018
DBL room accommodation
$2300 USD / person

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