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Ski & Heli-ski tours

The place of holding program - Terskey-Alatoo mountain range. These are the mountains which frame beautiful lake Issik-Kul (1600 m above sea level) - 2nd largest mountain lake in the world.

You will see grandiose 5000 m mountains of Terskey - peak Karakolskiy, Djigit, Oguz Bashi and others; mighty Tien-Shan firs, immense glaciers and fantastic landscapes of one of the most beautiful mountain in the world named eastern Tien-Shan with its legendary peaks Khan-Tengry and Pobeda (Victory peak). Clear sky, bright sun, virgin snow fields, hot springs and Asian hospitality is a real paradise for Heliski and heliboarding!

Tours Calendar 2016:

30.01  -   06.02, 06.02    13.02, 13.02  -   20.02, 20.02    27.02, 27.02    05.03.

Heliski in Sususamyr valleySusamyr mountain basin is situated in 130 km from Bishkek city and is located between two ridges: Kyrgyz Ala Too from the North and Suusamyr Too from the South. The altitude of the valley is 2200-2600 m with surrounding peaks that reach the altitude of 4500 m. The uniqueness of this area is the diversity of slopes with various position, length and level of difficulty.

If you can ski intermediate runs at your ski area, then you can heli-ski with us on our heli-ski program. If you have ever dreamed of doing heli-ski in the mountains; have seen the movies of heli-skiing and doubted your ability to do it yourself well, you can go heli-skiing or heli-boarding with us in Tien-Shan mountains where the powder snow is deep, the air is fresh and the experience exhilarating. Enjoy mountains over 4000 meters and spectacular views. Up to 1200 vertical meters of varied terrain includes glacier snowfields, ridges and cols. Mostly, the area has no ski developments and many side valleys and mountains are seldom visited but have good landing places on high mountain passes, ridges and glaciers where it is possible to start descents. Then the helicopter takes the group to another location. On a good day it is possible to make about 6 trips like that.
Karkara Base Camp is located in 88 km from Tup village and the main road from Bishkek to Karakol on the north shore of Issyk-Kul Lake. There are 3 areas is ready for ski-touring: in Chankurchak tract, in Tup gorge and in Uchkashka gorge. The height difference from 300 till 750 m. Slopes are perfectly fit for both professionals and beginners. The level of snow cower is from 60 till 120 cm. We plan to fix yurt camps in Tup and Tuz areas. There will be yurts for living with heating and kitchen with dinner room. The yurt for living is designed for 3 person. Warm cottages, sauna, kitchen, dinning yurt with heater are located in Karkara Base Camp. Also we have 2 snowmobiles for transporting the equipment and if needed people to the areas for skiing. All areas for skiing are located in Kyrgyzstan.
  Location: modern "Karakol" ski base lies 7 km from Karakol town in Issyk Kul region, Kyrgyzstan

The facilities of "Karakol" ski base:
- 4 lifts (two-seater and three-seater chair lifts) . Working hours 09:00 -16:00.
- restaurant
- sauna, children room

Infrastructure: There is a ski rent on the territory of the base, equipment service and fixing, snowmobile YAMAHA V540 (the snow sickness varies from 1,5 till 2,5 m). There is instructor service available.

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