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Trekking tour "Asian Patagonia"

Duration: 14 days / 14 nights

Level of difficulty: 

Trip features: Trek to Base Camps in Kara-Suu gorge of Karavshin valley and in Ak-Suu gorgr of Lyalyak valley, high altitude pass over 4390 m. a.s.l. Overnights in tents of high altitude trekking camps over 3300m. a.s.l.

Best season:  from 1st July to 31st August 2017.
General information

The nature of Kyrgyzstan is amazing. Its mountain landscapes are various in different corners of the Republic.  Ak-Sai Travel presents a new trekking program which goes along the gorges of Turkestan mountain range and takes you to the heart of Pamir-Alai mountain system, right to peak Ak-Suu Turkestan mountain range region is quite interesting and unusual.

It reminds South American Patagonia same wilderness, winds blowing through, mountain streams with pure water, alpine meadows, herds of yaks grazing peacefully, glaciers surrounded with 5000+ meters Peaks and not a sign of civilization But still there is one significant advantage of Asian mountains from the South American analog stable and warm weather.

The mountain trails going above the steeps, wild nature, panoramic views of the canyons crowned by snow-white peaks and treks to the foot of peak Piramidalnyi (5509m), which is the highest point of Turkestan range, peak Ak-Suu (5355m), Slesova (4240m) all these will leave an unforgettable impression on everybody!!!

In season 2017 Ak-Sai Travel sets fixed tent camps all along the trekking route.
Be the first to travel with comfort! It allows you the following advantages:
1)    Your trek is much more pleasant and easier than ever before. As you dont have to carry your tent equipment and food, etc.
2)    You pay less for the tour. As you dont need to hire cooks, pack animals and driver. Moreover, the less people, the more bright memories and emotions!
3)    Your trip is safer. You will be given a detailed map of the trekking route. There is communication means in every tent camp.
4)    Your trip is educative. You learn new dishes, as we cook various dishes in every tent camp. 

Itinerary: Osh Batken Uzgurush village Buldzhuma pass Dzhalgychy pass Ortochashma gorge Kara Suu gorge Kosh Moinok pass Ak Tubek pass Ak-Suu gorge Uzgurush village Batken Osh.

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