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Kochkor village is located 250 km (3 hours by car) from Bishkek. Kochkor has 15,000 inhabitants and most then are farmers and shepherds who live in yurts on jailoos during the summer.
Bokonabevo village is located 250 km (3 hours by car) from Bishkek. This much overlooked town on the south shore of Lake Yssyk-Köl offers various eco-treks into the nearby Terskei Ala-Too Mountains for 2-7 days.
Naryn town is located 360 km from Bishkek and is the place where tourists usually overnight on the way to Kyrgyz-Chinese border Torugart.
Kyzyl-Oi is quite different from the other mountain villages in Kyrgyzstan. It existed even before the Great Socialist Revolution, and has therefore kept its distinct Central Asian character with its reddish clay houses.
Arslanbob village is located app. 600 km from Bishkek and 285 km from Osh. Its located in the beautiful Arstanbab valley which is famous for its the walnut trees.
If you travel to Sary Chelek lake and decide to overnight there you can stay at one of CBT houses (in Kara Suu or Arkyt villages) located close to the national reserve.
In Kara Suu and Arkyt villages you will have the chance to overnight in a private Kyrgyz or Uzbek house.
Kazarman Village is located in Jalalabat Oblast, not far from the border with Naryn Oblast, near the famous Makmal gold mine. From here its possible to take a trip to the world famous Saimaluu-Tash rock paintings gallery listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site and now under its protection. Kazarman can be reached from Jalalabat (157km from Jalalabat town) or Naryn Oblast (220km from Naryn town).
Djalal Abad, Kyrgyzstans third largest city, sits in a broad plain of the Kugart Valley. Jalalabat is a quiet provincial capital on the edge of the fertile Fergana Valley and gateway to walnut forests and secluded mountain lakes. Djalal Abad is located km from Bishkek and km from Osh.
The nature in Kemin is unique by its own beauty, rich with thermal and mineral springs. Chong-Kemin gorges are also truly attractive by its beauties. By the gorges of Kyrgyz Ala-Too there are lots of sparse growths of fir trees, juniper, birch, maple, rowan-tree etc.
If you travel to Kyrgyz-Chinese border Irkeshtam from Osh you have the chance to overnight in Gulcho or Sary Tash villages.
You will be suggested to overnight either in twin or triple room with beds or on the traditional beds of Kyrgyz and Uzbek people toshoks.


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