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Djalal Abad

Djalal Abad, Kyrgyzstans third largest city, sits in a broad plain of the Kugart Valley. Jalalabat is a quiet provincial capital on the edge of the fertile Fergana Valley and gateway to walnut forests and secluded mountain lakes. Djalal Abad is located 605 km from Bishkek and 105 km from Osh.

In Djalal Abd town you will have the chance to overnight in a private Kyrgyz or Uzbek house.
You will be suggested to overnight either in twin or triple room with beds or on the traditional beds of Kyrgyz and Uzbek people toshoks. These are blankets that are put on the floor. Usually there are several blankets are put together which make sleeping on the toshoks comfortable.
Shower and toilet are shared (1 shower and 1 toilet in the house). Toilets can be also outside the house. Everything depends on a house you stay in.

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