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Cultural events

Kyrgyzstan festivals are a reflection of the rich history of nomadic customs and traditions of the Kyrgyz people. During the holidays, men traditionally demonstrate their equestrian and racing skills, hunters compete in archery and falconry hunting, and women present their handicrafts.

Today, as hundreds year ago, the Kyrgyz still organize big festivals, uniting people not only from Kyrgyzstan, but also from different countries. The most popular of these are Orozo Ait, At Chabysh festival, National horse games, Nooruz, Taigan and Burkut Festival. Festivals are held on picturesque jailoo (pasture), with installation of Yurt (tents), preparation of national dishes, arranging exhibitions and sales of folk crafts items. items.

The National Festivals of Kyrgyzstan is the best way to enjoy the atmosphere of the Kyrgyz centuries-old traditions.

Orozo Ait
This feast, known as Eid al-Fitr in Arabic, at the end of Ramadan is celebrated with a large meal shared by family and friends. Gifts of new clothes and alms to the poor are traditionally given at this time.

At Chabysh festival
A horse-centred outdoor festival that involves long-distance horse races, traditional horse games, poetry competitions, music concerts and handicraft exhibitions.

National horse games
Horses are a large part of Kyrgyz culture and so every year national horse games are held. These include ulak tartysh (grey wolf) where two teams of riders fight it out over a goat carcass and kyz-kumay (kiss the girl), where the male rider has to catch up to horsewoman in order to receive his prize, a kiss.

Date: 21 March
Also known as Navrus, this event, which dates back to Zoroastrian times, is the most important of the traditional holidays that takes place in Kyrgyzstan. At Nooruz a special meal is prepared, friends are visited, debts are repaid and the whole country celebrates with music, dancing and traditional games.

Taigan and Burkut Festival
Demonstrations of hunting with golden eagles and Taigan dogs, Kyrgyz national games that include ulak tartysh, and sale of handicrafts and souvenirs.

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