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Kyrgyzstan Terrain

Kyrgyzstan the mountainous country. Most of Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous system of the Tien Shan, and only the extreme south-west is in the Pamir-Alayu. High point Victory Peak, or Dzhengish-Chokusu (7349 m), located in the Tien Shan in the east, on the border with China.

Many of the ranges of the Tien Shan Talas Alatau, Kyrgyz, Kyungey-Ala-Too, Terskey-Ala-Too and others are predominantly sublatitudinal. Big Fergana mountain range is oriented from northwest to southeast, and the ridge Kakshal-Too with the south-west to north-east (along the border with China), with a single pass in the Tien Shan Torugart (3752 m). Between the ridges Kyung-Ala-Too and Terskey-Ala-Too is intermontane basin, the bottom of employing a large lake Issyk-Kul, the so-called Kyrgyz Sea. To the north of the Kyrgyz Range located submontane Chu depression, mastered and most densely populated part of the republic. Extensive Fergana valley enters the limits of Kyrgyzstan , only the peripheral parts. In the Kyrgyz part of the Pamir-Alai dominated sublatitudinal relief elements Alai Range, the Alai Valley, Turkestan and Trans-Alay (highest point Lenin Peak, 7134 m) ranges. In the eastern part of the Trans-Alay Range Pamir highway intersects with the Kyzyl-Art Pass. In the upper tier of the mountain glaciers developed. The snow line is located at altitudes of ca. 3 km to the peripheral ridges and 4,0-4,5 km on the internal ridges. We present different types of glaciers. The largest of them dendritovye (Inylchek length of 59,5 km and North Inylchek 38,2 km), with a few ice-flows. In addition, widespread valley, cirques and hanging glaciers, as well as characteristic of the Tien Shan glaciers are flat tops. Tien Shan is rich in water resources and is a major supplier of water for the surrounding arid plains.

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