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Karavshin gorge

Karavshin gorge

Karavshin gorgeKaravshin Gorge is geographically located in Turkestan Ridge area, west to the Matcha Mountain Junction. Its administrative location area is Batken district in Osh province of Kyrgyzstan. Turkestan Ridge region (Pamir-Alai Mountains) is very similar to Patagonia in South America. There are the same windy wilderness with crystal water springs and rivers, alpine meadows and glaciers, surrounded by 5000 m peaks, and no signs of civilization there Here there is a great variety of any routes from simple to difficult ones for technical rock climbing and mountaineering fans! Thus, Karavshin gorge is quite popular spot among mountaineers, rock climbers and just mountain tourists. The most famous peaks in the area are Asan Peak (4230 m), Usan Peak, 4810 m Peak, Pyramid Peak (5509 m), Kotova Peak, Yellow Wall etc. Numerous interesting routes and absence of crowds of people make it area the unique one!
Karavshin is the training area for the real expert mountaineers! Most of the guys who come here want either prove their climbing style or make new trails. They do it participating in some contests which are often held here.

It is possible to get there by helicopter or on foot. Usually they jump off from Batken and get Vorukh village in Tajikistan. From here you trek up along the banks of Karavshin river. For the loads transporting you may hire donkeys or horses. From Vorukh to the base camp it is 50 km or one and half days of trekking. Most part of the way goes through the torrid Karavshin canyon. Than along Jayupaya river passing apricot orchards and abandoned stone hut you find yourself in verdant Kara Suu or Ak Suu gorges depending on which summit you plan to ascent.
Lyalyak (Ak Suu) Gorge:
The summits of Lyalyak (Ak Suu) gorge make up the rocky ridge that skirts the glacier from west to east. They are Iskander Peak (5120 m), Petrogradets Peak (5165 m), Admiralteyets Peak (5090 m), Ak Suu Peak (5355 m), Alexander Blok Peak (5229 m), Aktyubek Peak (5125 m), Dostoyevskiy Peak (4974 m). It takes 2-3 hours trekking from the base camp situated at the altitude of 3000 m to the upper part of Ak Suu Glacier. In the neighboring (to the west) Kara Suu gorge Peak 5011, 50th Anniversary of Moscow Spartak Peak (4690 m), the northern crest of Vizbor Peak (4655 m) and Dalniy Peak (4457 m) are located. Further westward lies Sobakh Peak (5300 m) in Uryam Gorge.
You may reach the area by helicopter or on a car. From Uzgurush village you trek further another 18 km (1 day) using horses/donkeys to deliver loads to the base camp.

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