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Dear Friends
We would like to inform you that the International Mountaineering Festival in Ala Archa Gorge came to an end.
A suspense was maintained until the very last minute, with the participants and guests unaware who had won until the Team from Buryatia- Glazunov brothers were announced to be the winners.
Ak Sai Travel Company sincerely congratulates the winners, prize winners and participants of the competition, wishes all of them the future success in mountaineering.

The Russian Championship Results:

1st place. Republic of Buryatia-2 (Evgeny Glazunov, Sergey Glazunov)
2nd place. Republic of Buryatia-1 (Ladyzhenskii Vladimir Baguza Alexander)
3rd place. Primorsky Krai ( Primorsky Region) (Ishchenko Alexander Rubtsov Vasily, Sergey Voylichenko)
4th place. Tomsk-Kemerov-St-Peterburg (Temerev Ivan, Suzdaltsev Egor, Kashevnik Anton)
5th place. Krasnoyarsky Krai-1 (Zhigalov Alexander Loginov Igor, Maxim Krivosheev, Abildaev Roman)
6th place. Sverdlovsk region-1 (Boris Michael, Dinislamov Albert, Cheremnyh Artem)
7th place. Chelyabinsk region (Telitsyn Sergey, Kalmykov Konstantin, Mavrinskiy Agatha, Alexander Vorobiev)
8th place. Moscow-Samara-Novosibirsk regions (Konstantin Markevich, Dmitry Skotnikov, Vadim Kalinin)
9th place. Sverdlovsk region-2 (Tkach Nicholay, Andrei Dmitriev)
10th place. Kirov region (Pantyukhin Lev, Alexander Scherbakov, Merkuryeva Valeria)
11th place. Sverdlovsk region-2 (Luzin Igor, Andrey Kuznetsov, Vladimir Kondrashov)
12th place. Arkhangelsk region (Veschagin Michael, Rybal'chenko Dmitry)
13-16th places. Krasnoyarsk Krai-2 (Islamov Andrey, Mentovskaya Alexandra)
13-16th places. Sevastopol-Krasnodar Krai (Yury Kruglov, Alexander Rastorguev)
13-16th places. Rostov region-1 (Andrey Vasilyev, Makovkin Michail Sapotnitsky Yuri, Yakovenko Alexander)
13-16th places. Republic of Tatarstan, Novosibirsk region (Kashapov Rasim, Maxim Makarov)

The International Mountaineering Festival Results:

1st place. Russia 3 (Evgeny Glazunov, Sergey Glazunov)
2nd place. Russia-2 (Temerev Ivan, Suzdaltsev Yegor, Anton Kashevnik)
3rd place. Russia-1 (Zhigalov Alexander, Loginov Igor, Maxim Krivosheev, Abildaev Roman)
4th place. Ukraine (Roshko Vladimir, Romanenko Dmitry)
5th place. Kyrgyzstan-2 (Seliverstov Sergey, Mikhail Danichkin)
6th place. Kazakhstan-1 (Leonid Krupa, Aubakirov Tursunali, Shesterin Roman)
7th place. Kyrgyzstan-1 (Andrey Erokhin, Cheremnyh Anastasia)
8-9th place. Russian-4 (Markevich Constantin, Skotnikov Dmitriy, Kalinin Vadim)
8-9th place. Kazakhstan (Vyacheslav Orlov, Ten Maxim)
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