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About Lenin peak

 Peak Lenin is one of only five 7000 meter peaks in the former USSR. The others 7 000 meter peaks are: Peak Communism (7495 m) and Peak Korzhenevsky (7105 m), both in the Pamirs,  Peak Pobeda (7439 m) and Khan Tengri (7010 m) in the Tien Shan. A climber, who conquers all five peaks, is admitted to the elite group of climbers known as Snow Leopards.

Peak Lenin is the highest summit in the Trans-Alay Range (also Trans Alai), which is the northernmost range of the Pamir Mountains. Towering above Alay Valley more than 3000 meters with a huge glittered in the sun snow-icy massive, Peak Lenin looks from the north (from the side of Kyrgyzstan) especially impressionably.

The Peak Lenin area is characterized by very low temperatures in winter, though they not as low as at the Pik Pobeda area, which holds many records in the extreme climate criteria. In spring the nature at the Peak Lenin area is especially beautiful and green but sudden violent storms hits can occur. The snow is usually deep and the avalanche danger is generally higher. In the main climbing season that is at the height of the summer the weather is usually quite stable, at the height of 5000 m it can be really hot. In the end of August it fast gets colder, storms appear with higher frequency, and the first autumn snowfalls hide dangerous crevasses making progress on the peak harder.

Peak Lenin looks impressive and many climbers dream to conquer it. There exist a few routes for climbing Peak Lenin, but the classical route is from the north side. The classical route does not have any steep ice-rock parts and does not demand skills and special experience in technical climbing. The entire route is often passed in sheaf using the rope for 2-3 people. There is a high way going almost to the foot of the peak.

To get Snow Leopard the highest title in alpinism in the former Soviet Union, Peak Lenin is one of the obligatory summits to reach.

Due to its features Peak Lenin is regarded as one of the most accessible of the world's 7000 meter peaks. Because of this fact it has become one of the most popular peaks in the world, and every year hundreds of mountaineers from all over the world come to Kyrgyzstan to climb this mountain.

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