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Report on Summer Kids Camp “Treasure of the 21st century” in Tup village, Chyi region from 25 till 29 of June, 2018

July 10, 2018

Report on Summer Kids Camp “Treasure of the 21st century” in Tup village, Chyi region from 25 till 29 of June, 2018

 The purpose of the program: Create interesting and useful leisure time for kids and teenagers from large and poor families from Tup village, Issyk – Kul region.

The objective of the program:

Develop moral characteristics in our children.

Inspire children to develop their talents.

Teach and train children to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

Description of the program: the main idea is to help our kids to soak into the world of kind characteristics that every person should have. To show and teach them those so much important values of life that will help them to communicate, live a successful and happy life. Teach the kids about simple principles of life that you can find in every book, about friendship, love and respect, good manners, kindness and happiness, about dreams, inspiration and motivation.

The program was built a game form with dancing and singing, with elements of handmade and sport games. And on the last day of the program we organized a final concert for kid’s parents. There was a lot of fun.

The program was organized and held by the employees of the Social fond “Новое поколение молодёжи” – “New generation”, by the highscoolers and senior students-trainees of the International University of Kyrgyzstan.

The program lasted for five days.

The day of introduction and friendship:

This day guys were divided into small groups according to the age. They introduced themselves and chose the name of their team, draw a flag. They were practicing songs and dances of their team. We had the following teams: “Dynamite”, “Storm”, “Cool peppers”. This game helped them to learn more about friendship and teamwork.

The day of Love and Respect:

This day our children learned that love can exist not only between a man and a woman but there can love to parents, to friends, to animals and love to your Motherland. We showed them that it is hard to communicate in this world without respect. They learned that love is not just a word but actions.

The day of good manners:

This day we taught our kids to the main rules of etiquette and had enough of practice lessons.

At the end of the day kids took a part in treasure hunting game with a lot of challenges that helped us to see how they have learned the lessons they had these this days about friendship, love and respect.

The day of kindness and happiness:

This day was dedicated to discussions of all good things children made in their life and about those things that inspire and motivate them. We talked about good and bad habits and also about happy and successful people.

The day of dream (talent show)

This day was dedicated to the professional orientation and we talked a lot about our kid’s dreams. And the final concert made this day. All our teams presented their performances which they carefully prepared and practiced all these days. We invited parents and friends to this event.

Every day we presented to our kids some sweets and soft drinks from our sponsors.

And fist of all we would like to say thank Ak –Sai Travel Company for the sponsorship and financial support of the program. And we also would like to appreciate the following companies for all their presents to our kids: CJV “Shoro”, “Kulikovskyi” shop, “Kav & Kev”, “Saamal”, “Shirin”, toys shop “Magic” and “Karnaval”, “Shin Lain”, “Kanzler” Company!

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