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28 of october - Excursion to Barskoon gorge

General Information

Our second visit took place on the 28th of October.
The team of volunteers from the PF New Youth Generation together with the children from the Ak-Suu are Home and the Irrada Orphan Home went first to the Barskoon gorge to see the monument dedicated to the Great man - Yuri Gagarin, who was the first in the World to conquer the space.

For children it was a great opportunity to learn something new from our common history. Besides, the children were interested to learn that Yuri Gagarin himself had visited our country and been in the same valley where children were at that time. After that, we went to a beautiful waterfall named Snowcat's tears.
The weather was just magical! Besides, on the way to the waterfall, we had a chance to tell a story about some Shamanistic rituals. The children were very interested to learn about ancient religions and cultures, which were widespread in our region many centuries ago.

After Barskaun we went to one more interesting place - the Fairy tale Gorge
The very name of the place speaks for itself. The unusual terrain and vast color palette really creat fairy and unforgettable impression. And the children were also more impressed by the Fairy tale Gorge than the Barskaun Gorge.

And finally, we all had a dinner together and by this we had completed our regular visit.

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