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Summer daytime camp Summer period

General Information

     Public Fund
Summer daytime camp Summer period in Vostok village from 30th of May till 3rd of June 2016.

   Let us present you the report of New Generation of Youth Public Fund. The Funds mission is the help forming intellectual and healthy society of high moral standards by developing and organizing various educational, cultural and sport programs.
     This summer New Generation of Youth Public Fund has realized Summer period program in Vostok village situated not far from Bishkek city. The Camp was organized and worked from the 30th of May till the 3rd of June 2016 on the territory of Lebedinovka secondary school 3. Children and teenagers who participated in the program are mainly from the socially vulnerable society levels and difficult teenagers.

  Nowadays the children quite often are left on their own and do not find interesting activities during the summer vacations. Hence there is a problem how can we help them to spend this time with pleasure and use? We try to teach the children to build good relations, learn solving the conflicts, overcome the difficulties and value friendship.
  We all together organized this summer camp to attract the children from the village. The teenagers from this village together with the Fund members prepared the camp program during the spring. The aim of the preparation was to teach the ckids and village schools organizing by themselves the free time for children who can not leave village during the summer vacations.
 There were 74 children of 7-13 years old in the camp, as well as 31 freelance teenagers Vostok village at the age of 12-16 years. Three members of New Generation of Youth PF took part and 10 freelance students of Social work and psychology faculty in Bishkek University of the Humanities named after Karasaev. A few students of International University in Kyrgyzstan also participated. 
    These people are doing their practice and it gives them an opportunity to improve the skills and apply the university knowledge. They have chosen their future professions and might need the experience from the organization of this summer camp.

The summer program aim is to organize extraordinary and interesting vacations, make the children spend their time with use playing dancing, painting, making new friends and gaining new information.
  About the camp in short:
  The program lasts five days and every day has its own theme. The first day is the Day of new acquaintances. The children are divided into smaller groups and played games to meet each others and were told about the camp rules. During the art lesson the children painted the flag of their group. There were 4 mini-groups in total: Smile, Cool guys, Peace, and Crazy Team. Each group had its own slogan and a song that the kids learned every day. Besides the children started learning their group dance on the first day. In sport lesson the participants played active games and looked for the Cinderella shoe. So, the day was dedicated to making acquaintances through games and common activities.
   The second camp day was called A hero lives in me. As usually the day started from morning exercises. The groups lined and called over the roll. Then the children watched stories and animation films about the favorite heros. They learned that each of them can do something important and useful for the others. A lesson of Chinese language was organized by the students of  Sinology faculty from International University of Kyrgyzstan. During the art lesson the children learned to create handmade postcards from material at hand: buttons, colored paper, textile pieces, ribbons and cardboard. The older children made photo frames. And sport lesson was dedicated to the relay race.
   Day three was named Fun day It was on the 1st of June, which is the International day of Children protection. We wanted to make as much fun as possible for our kids and make them feel happy on this day. During the sport lesson the children played active games with balloons filled with water and other games using water. During the craft lesson they used their imagination to make necklaces and bracelets, as well as painting and modelling with play dough. The children kept on practicing the group dances and watched some funny cartoons. After the main lessons they were offered a disco in the open air. The children danced and played some traditional active games. Finally there was a surprise ice cream for everybody! They kept on communicating and nobody wanted to go home.          

   Day four was very busy. It was called Survival day. In the morning the children played games in the open air including Red Banner game and Stations organized by the school freelancers. There were five stations and the kids had to do the task on each of them Guess the riddle, Net, Water ball, Carry water with a spoon, Hit the balls. There were so many positive emotions on this day. Moreover, they made candle holders from hardening play dough during the craft lesson. They rehearsed for the concert, were very concentrated and excited for sure.
         The final day was called Talans day. It was the most exciting because we were finishing the summer camp in Vostok village and the parents and school administration was present at the farewell concert.  This interesting concert was prepared together by the freelancers, group leaders and the children. The groups danced national, sport and modern dances, sang their group songs, and recited the slogans and mottos. The group leaders danced for the children. It was very interesting and enjoyable day. The kids were expecially happy when they were given small presents. And certainly these days in the summer camp will stay in their memory for a long time.
  This is how it was in the camp Summer period in Vostok village!
Than you very much for your attention and support!

 Sincerely yours,
  PF New Generation of Youth director                                   G.V.Tonkonogova

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