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Travel Discover Help - help the orphanages of Kyrgyzstan

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Travel, Discover, Help. Project to help the orphanages of Kyrgyzstan

Travel Discover Help - help the orphanages of KyrgyzstanTravel, Discover, Help A project to help the children from orphanages

Ak-Sai Travel Company financially supports various orphanages and social organizations.  We realize how hard for them  to get  any means. There are mainly volunteers and enthusiasts who are ready to apply all their efforts , but still it is not enough  for them.

Therefore, we have decided to contribute into this good cause. In 2016 we started a new  large and long term project to support  orphanages financially. Our care and participation in lives of young generation are the most valuable for children.

For this purpose, we developed sport-educational program to let children learn more about our country and be proud of it. We want to show them a beautiful nature of Kyrgyzstan, introduce them to countryside. We are sure that our group trips help to establish a real friendship and provide care they need. The main aim of our project is not short term trips but a program with permanent events.
We are going to take children out  all year around  using all our resources (transport, tent and yurt camps in Karkara gorge and at Son Kul Lake, professional guides and so on). The public fund New Generation of Youth is highly experienced in conducting similar activities also participates in the project.
The money from every tour sold by Ak Sai Travel Company go to support this event.

Thus, each tourist receives the opportunity to help orphans:  One dollar per day of your trip cost goes to the program Travel, Discover, Help. 

Discovering Kyrgyzstan you inspire children for the better future.

Sincerely yours,
Elena Kalashnikova,
Director of Ak-Sai Travel

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