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2-4th of June: Tash-Rabat

A trip to Naryn region with children from the Voenno Antonovskyi orphanage from the 2nd till 4th June, 2018.
It was a long and very interesting trip. It was a great pleasure to see the kids playing on the fresh air and having so much fun. Our kids were so excited to listen to the history of Tash Rabat complex. Everybody enjoyed the atmosphere and a beautiful scene all around.

It was a fascinating event to visit a historical place of our country in Naryn reagion. It was such a pleasure to be very warm welcomed on the  Tash Rabat yurt camp. According to the schedule of the tip coordinator, Savinyh Andrei, early in the morning after breakfast we visited the historical monument  Tash Rabat. After an excursion to Tash Rabat we climbed on a mountain to observe the picturesque area. After the excursion we came back to the camp for a tasty dinner. The second part of the day was much more exciting, kids played different games with volunteers and had a lot of fun. Guys collected a heart shaped stones from the river and give it to each other as a present for a long memory! After we went for a walk to the mountains again and spent some time on the fresh mountainous air. And got back to the camp again for a tasty dinner. Our way back to Bishkek was also very beautiful and exciting!  Everybody was tired but so pleased and happy!
From volunteers of Travel Discover Help project.

Travel Discover Help team together with children from the Voenno Antonovskyi orphanage went on a new trip to Naryn region, to Tash Rabat monument. We were very warm welcomed by the Ak Sai Travel yurt camp team. During this trip our kids got more familiarized with the history of our country. It was a very interesting and exciting trip. There was a kind of a contest, who will  be able to count the total amount of rooms in this monument. It was so much fun because no one can give us the right number. And we all hope to come back to this beautiful place again and finally count the right amount of rooms in this magnificent caravan sarai.

And this is just a beginning. We have a lot of interesting events planned for children of our country!

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