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28 January - mini-football competition in Bishkek

General information

On Saturday, 28 January 2017, a mini-football competition was held between orphan's homes in the Sun City sports center.

The above competition was jointly arranged and held with the Oasis Public Charitable Foundation. As we understand it, it was a kind of introductory meeting with potential children in ward with whom we are intending to work during the year 2017 within the Travel Discover Help Project framework.

4 teams took part in this competition:

- Team of Tokmok orphan home;
- Team of Krasnaya Rechka orphan home;
- Team of Voenno Antonovka boarding house; and
- Team of graduates from various orphanages.

The timetable was distributed in such a way that teams were able to play only one match with each other, having in total 8 matches with the duration 20 minutes per each match.
At the end of the competition a winning team was selected and it was the team of Voenno Antonovka boarding house, the second place was awarded to the  team of Chui (Tokmak) orphan house, the third place was given to the team of graduates from various orphan's homes. The remaining team from Krasnaya Rechka orphan house was also awarded for their desire to win. No one went away empty-handed. Three prized places were awarded with medals and cups, delicious recognition prizes in the form of sweets and drinks were also distributed among the competitors.

The kids really liked our competition, and in particular a chance to meet with each other on neutral territory in our capital city of Bishkek, because all the orphanages are located in various places of the Chui oblast.

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