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28th of February - excursion to "Shoro" factory

General information

On February 28, 2017, we have forwarded our guys to Shoro company with acquainting tour.

One of the tasks of this vist was to assist the young people to identify their professional choices.

In Shoro we have learnt about the history of the company's foundation and met with the enthusiastic brothers who once in their young age have set a goal " to spread healthy, organic beverages". Despite of all the difficulties that they encountered on their path they have achieved tremendous success and today they become nearly the monopolists in our country. Although this is not the main point.

The crucial thing is that this time our guys have had a chance to see a real success story, when people starting from scratch and having nothing but dreams and ideas managed to succeed.

For our guys, it was very insightful and informative lesson.

Besides, we once again slightly opened the door to the unknown... Upon completion of the study it is not easy for the youngsters to choose directions for professional growth. At the end of the tour, several guys have expressed a desire to get a job with Shoro. The management in turn, supported their idea and ensured that they would be always open and ready to help young employees to improve their skills and enrich their experience.

That was the way how Ak-sai Travel company's project - Travel Discover Help, has finalized last month.

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