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Our mission


  • Let people know about Kyrgyzstan!
  • Development of sustainable tourism in Kyrgyzstan through the professional attitude and best quality of our tours.
  • Making our customers feel like home and offering them the best, unique and unforgettable tour product with maximum comfort.


  • To make Kyrgyzstan well-known and trusted destination in the World Tourism Industry.
  • Progressive thinking, following trends, integration and development of novelties in tourism.
  • Exchange of experience and receiving necessary knowledge for the successful development of tourism in Kyrgyz Republic.


  • Our nature is unexplored tourist destination left on earth. We want it to remain the same for the future travelers and our children.
  • Our customers are the best valued guests and we keep the ancient traditions of hospitality making them feel safe, comfortable and happy.
  • Our employees are our family and we want them to develop themselves and remain with us for a long time.
  • Attention to minor things when conducting tours in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.
  • It’s never late for education and creative growth.


We are obliged to strive to provide high quality service to our guests, treat with care our environment, provide the best conditions of work to our staff, suppliers and all involved parties.

We are going to realize control of the sustainable development using next methods:

  • Assign coordinator that will be responsible for tasks connected to the sustainable tourism.
  • Cooperate and take part in outbound forums and working groups that support sustainability in tourism.
  • Take negative social and ecological influence down to minimum in sphere of waste and energy during the inner control and tour and excursion service providing.
  • Inform partners-suppliers and control that they are following the sustainable and responsible practice. Conduct informative lecture about sustainable tourism to our guides and drivers.
  • Constantly improve knowledge of sustainability and control actions of our staff.
  • Terminate cooperation with partners-suppliers that act against human rights and connected anyhow to exploitation its workers and resources.
  • Control that all guides, local suppliers and other parties employed by the company, work according to all inner requirements of the company and due to the State regulations.
  • Reduce the number of single-use stuff. During next two years, move fully to the multiple-use dishes and special water bottles instead of regular plastic utensils.
  • Use more e-mail letters than printed documents.
  • Sort all waste in office by type (paper, glass, plastic etc.) All types of waste must be marked in trash cans accordingly.
  • Reduce the number of printed products in our office, use only recycled paper for printing if necessary. Use mostly electronic methods in marketing and all paper brochures must be printed without date on it for long usage.
  • Use locally produced products (food, drinks) and promote mostly local goods for purchasing during tours.
  • Reduce energy consumption – heating, air conditioning and electricity. Control switching off heaters / air conditioner after working hours. All computers must be turned off; light must be used only if necessary (use natural light).
  • All transportation must be selected due to the number of tourists and tour specifications. If possible, provide ecological transportation.
  • Promote eco destinations and tours. Inform tourists about alternatives of sustainable development.
  • Report on our success minimum once a year.
  • Obey all State laws, rules and regulations.

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