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What are the main reasons to visit Kyrgyzstan?


  • The heritage of the Great Silk Road
  • Culture of Nomads
  • Tien Shan and Pamir Mountain Features


The beauty of Kyrgyz land is amazing. Here you can find a lot of exciting places, like Tien Shan Mountains and Pamir Mountains and famous Pobeda and Khan Tengri Peaks, snowy slopes, valleys and pastures surrounded by, beautiful gorges, crystal clear mountain lakes and ancient walnut forests. You will get unforgettable feelings that you won’t get anywhere else in the world.


Where Kyrgyzstan is located?


Kyrgyzstan is a small mountainous country in the heart of Central Asia, bordering with China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Kyrgyzstan has no access to the sea. More than three quarters of the territory is occupied by mountains. The population of the country for the year 2019 is 6 399 466 people.


How to get to Kyrgyzstan?

Manas International Airport is the main international airport in Kyrgyzstan, it located 25 kilometers (16 mi) north-northwest of the capital Bishkek.
Bishkek’s Manas International Airport is the main hub with relatively inexpensive international connections:


  • Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul)
  • Aeroflot (via Moscow)
  • FlyDubai (via Dubai)
  • Air Arabia (via Shardja)
  • China Southern (via Urumqi)
  • Air Astana (via Almaty or Astana)
  • Uzbekistan Airways (via Tashkent)


Bishkek and Osh International airports host regularly scheduled international flights year-round, while Tamchy’s Issyk-Kul International Airport sees summer service only.
On the lake’s Northern Shore near Tamchy village, located Issyk Kul International Airport’s schedule seems to change by year, but often includes some combination of Uzbekistan Airways (via Tashkent), S7 (via Novosibirsk) and Qazaq Air ( via Almaty.


Do I need a visa to visit Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan is the most hospitable and open country in Central Asia for tourists. Citizens from many countries can enter Kyrgyzstan without a visa, for periods ranging from 10 days to unlimited stays. E-visas and visas on arrival are also available for visitors.

Please, go to the page follow the page: Visa Information KG.
To find more detailed information about visa procedures there.

What is the situation with the hotel infrastructure?

So far we have 2 worldwide known hotel chains like Hyatt Regency and Golden Tulip. There are also other local 5* and 4* hotels of a good service level and quality. And the local suppliers are trying to maintain the good level of service. You can also find 4*hotels on the northern coast of Issyk Kul lake, in Karakol city and Osh. There are mostly 3 * hotels in other cities and a lot of private guest houses.
Find brief overview of the hotels through the link below: follow the page: Hotels


What kind of dishes are popular in Kyrgyz national cuisine and what kind of restaurants are available?

Food in Kyrgyzstan strictly connected with the country’s nomadic traditions and influenced by food from Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and other Central Asian countries. The staples of the Kyrgyz diet, and the diets of most of the traditionally nomadic people in Central Asia, are boiled mutton, flat, crusty round bread, rice and tea mixed with sheep or horse milk. Kyrgyz are very fond of horsemeat. Sour cream, yogurt and sausage are used to flavor dishes. Kyrgyz like soupy food. The sort of food that is eaten in the form of pasta by Russians is eaten as a soup by Kyrgyz.

Read more information though the link below:

In Kyrgyzstan you can find a great variety of restaurants and cafes of different level with local cuisine. Restaurants offer things like shashlyk (kebabs), pilaf, dumplings, and noodle soup. Russian dishes such as boiled chicken and Russian Salisbury steak continue to endure in hotel restaurants. A few European, Turkish, Chinese and Korean restaurants have opened up in recent years. There is a good selection of fruits, vegetables, dried fruits and nuts in the markets in the cities. In the countryside fruits and vegetables can be hard to come by. The best Kyrgyz food is served in homes, not restaurants, and these include simple, working-class, unpretentious dishes.


What are the most interesting sites to visit?

The possibilities for the excursion programs are huge. 90% of the country is covered by mountains and this fact makes Kyrgyzstan very attractive destination for both excursion enthusiasts and those who prefer active rest.
You can spend a night in a 5 * hotel and on the next day you can find yourself on a high mountain pasture, get acquainted with real nomads lifestyle, try a real kymyz mare`s fermented milk, or even hold a meeting in such an unusual atmosphere.
It is possible to include a helicopter excursion into the program – moreover it can be ether a helicopter flight to the foot of the Khan Tengri and Pobeda peaks, or a flight to the Kyrgyz ridge in Bishkek, during which you will see the beauty of the Tian Shan. And for lunch, you can land on one of the glaciers, where you will have a picnic. Such a tour takes only half a day and after lunch you will be back in Bishkek.
In addition to helicopter flights you can go for a horseback riding or a trekking. You can choose easy walking tour programs, or you can take some climbing lessons, rafting, heli-skiing, cycle tours, jeep tours, fishing, and other interesting programs in the most picturesque places of our country. Beautiful mountains and different types of roads makes Kyrgyzstan very attractive for a various test drives.
Read more information though the link below:

Is Kyrgyzstan safe country for travelling?

Kyrgyzstan is very safe country for travelling, local people are very hospitable. But anyway, you should follow up the basic security principles:


  • Аalways take the passport copy with yourself.
  • Do not take a large amount of money with yourself.
  • Be very careful with your personal belongs in public places.
  • If a police officer approached you on the street to check your documents, they have to show you their documents first. And after that you need to show them your ID passport.
  • It is better for you to refrain from visiting night clubs without guides.
  • You better avoid visiting of night clubs without a guide.
  • Local Embassies can give you a very good support in case if you have formal difficulties. There are 25 embassies of different countries.


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