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27 September
Happy Tourism Day!

Dear friends! Ak-Sai Travel Company kindly congratulates you with World Tourism Day!

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30 August
Lenin Peak 2019. Live reporting

We have great news for you, dear friends!

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14 August
Mystical Realism Stories

Dear friends, we decided to make a new rubric about the breathtaking stories right from the witnesses 

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5 June
“Ak-Sai Travel” congratulates you on the holiday of Orozo Ait!

Happy Orozo Ait!

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6 May
Director of Ak-Sai Travel Company climbed to the highest peak in Europe – Elbrus

Breaking news!

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18 April
Semyon Dvornichenko: About the first speed ascent to Lenin Peak, 2012


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5 March
“Ak-Sai Travel” at the IMTM International Tourism Exhibition, Israel.

This year was the 25th anniversary of the IMTM, and every year it attracts thousands of companies, travel agents and guests. Delegations from about 50 countries and a record number of 20 tourism ministers were in attendance.

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13 February
FITUR international exhibition

The international exhibition FITUR, which takes place annually in Madrid, is the first major tourist event of the year.

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24 January
Expedition to Lenin Peak with Ak-Sai Travel.

Lenin Peak, that situated at the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, is the third high from five 7000m peaks on the territory of the Post Soviet Union Space. The classical route to the Lenin Peak does not have any steep rock or icy areas; it takes no special technical trainings or huge alpinist experience to go up. All mentioned features characterize the Peak as one of the most accessible 7000 m peaks. BUT! We have to remember that the actual height of Lenin Peak 7134 m, and behind the apparent availability of the mount we have serious risks with altitude. Successful climb demands responsible way of organization of any expedition.

At the footsteps of Lenin Peak, Ak Sai Travel set its own tent camp and started welcoming guests since 2003. Our base camp operates from the 1st of July till the 31st of August. There were more than 500 tourists in our camp from different parts of the world in 2018. Every year we welcome hundreds of alpinists who appreciate their own safety and high quality of the provided service as this is what Ak-Sai Travel put on top of priority.

We offer to our clients regular schedule of check-in and check-out to/from Base camp. There is our own auto park, so you don’t need to wait for the bus or hope for the companions in Osh city to take you to the Lenin Peak. All our drivers are extremely experienced, working with us many years and understand the area and roads better than anybody. Also, starting from the 2018, we provide to our clients extra service to take to the “Onion field” and back by 4WD jeep in term to save time and power for the serious climbing.

There is an air ticket office in Ak-Sai Travel that guarantee to find optimal flights, book and purchase air tickets on the low rate. Working hours 24/7, no days off.

Variety of our service in Lenin Peak camps won’t leave any alpinist indifferent.  Base camp Achick Tash (3600 m) and Camp #1 (4400 m) offers comfortable conditions of accommodation allowing you to rest and recover after difficult expeditions.

Accommodation considered unlimited on number of days in twin type of tent. Tents are equipped with wooden floors, thick foam mattresses and electricity.

Meals are specially balanced for the alpinist term to get enough power for climbing and taste Asian cuisine. At the Base camp, starting from 2019, we are going to provide buffet for the breakfast, lunch and dinner and at the Camp #1 there will be special breakfast from 3 to 4 am for those who are getting ready to start expedition.

Also Achick Tash Base camp provides unlimited hot shower for every customer and, as addition, sauna available at the Base Camp and Camp #1 to relax your muscles. After a long expedition in the mountains, stay in snow and cold, with a lack of hygiene and sauna is a salvation for any alpinist. There is a lounge zone at the base camp that welcoming everybody who came down from the high altitude places. Here you can find satellite TV, bar to find your favorite drink like fresh juice, coffee, herbal aroma tea or draft beer. There is one more relaxing stuff is table games. For your convenience there is a renting service and luggage storage where you can get necessary equipment for the expedition or unload your rucksacks.

Currently, it’s very difficult to live without communication with entire world, thus we started providing Wi Fi service in our camps Achick Tash and Camp #1 in 2018.

To increase your chances to climb the Peak successfully, besides Base Camp and Camp #1, we set tent camps at the altitude 5300 m (Camp #2) and 6100 m (Camp #3). Tents set for all climbing season and consider comfortable double/twin accommodation. Before the start of expedition, all participants, who purchased full package #3 or climbing in group, get special altitude products at the Camp #1, as well as gas, gas stoves and packs of dish. You also can purchase packs of attitude products separately, for an extra payment shown in the price list. In case you need any kind of support or help, you are always welcome to let the man on duty know. There is always a person who help with accommodation, he does control tents for integrity and clean them from snow. In case of an emergency, our duty men always take part in rescue work and often come to help first.

The weather conditions under the Lenin Peak are unpredictable. So, our company marks the route of ascent with landmarks to reach the top successfully. Also add ropes at the dangerous parts of the route.

To provide security and in time medical treatment at the Base Camp and Camp #1 there are highly qualified doctors are in duty and at the camps #2 and #3 you can find specially elaborated first aid kits.

Also in camp #1 we have oxygen cans and masks that can be transported to the higher camps.

Ak Sai Travel works only with professional and competent mountain guides that know a lot about mountains and techniques of climbing on 7000 m peaks (Lenin Peak in particular) plus everybody are the sportsmen of the highest category.

Our guides are trained properly to provide professional first aid. In case of emergency there is a rescue team move ahead without any hesitation as the crew contains only the bravest, qualified alpinists-rescuers and guides.

The head of the Camp #1 is a head of the rescue team as well and assign man on duty during rescue.

Communications between camps realized with radio, but nowadays you can call from Base Camp to Camp #1 via regular smartphone. There is a schedule of getting in touch with Camps #1,2 and 3 every 4 hours at 8, 12 am, 4, 8 pm. Radios of heads of Base camp and Camp #1 always on, so our clients can pass any message from the higher camps.

The head of the Camp #1 register every alpinist’s movement to the special notebook to let our clients know that we are carefully control every expedition. To communicate during expedition, every client gets personal radio to receive the last weather update.

There is a big Ak-Sai Travel team works to create comfortable conditions of stay. We do our best to make dreams of our clients come true.

Everyone gets to the mountains with a special intention: somebody wants to test themselves; somebody wants to enjoy the beauty of the nature; somebody wants to climb one of five 7000 m peaks to achieve cherished title “Snow Leopard”. All those people unite with one – little victory over yourself and we are just a tool to realize this victory.

Entrust your climbing to professionals. “Ak-Sai Travel” – is the best tour operator of Kyrgyzstan according to the “Kyrgyz Tourism Awards 2017”. We always wait in Achik Tash our old and new friends and those who what to climb famous peak of Pamir – Lenin Peak from the 1st of July till the 2nd of September. Visit us and we guarantee you unbelievable mountain landscapes and plenty of unforgettable impressions.


We will be happy to answer all your questions. Please contact us via or, or call us +996 (312) 90 93 56.


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27 November
Festival season 2019 in Kyrgyzstan with Ak-Sai Travel

Ak –Sai Travel Company has the pleasure to offer a great variety of festival events in the upcoming season. We will include all these special activities in your programs with great pleasure. Do not miss a chance to see the unique beauty of Kyrgyzstan.


Ski Challenge by CBT Arslanbob  

Date: January 19

Place: Arslanbob village, (Jalalabat Oblast)

Short description: Join us in Arslanbob in Southern Kyrgyzstan for our annual ski challenge and enjoy the beauty of Arslanbob’s walnut forest in winter. In addition to this unique experience, we offer you a real Kyrgyz-Uzbek folklore show.


Bike Challenge by CBT Arslanbob     

Date: May 04

Place: Arslanbob village, (Jalalabat Oblast)

Short description: Join us and explore the amazing landscape of the Jalalabat region. A unique adventure in the mountains is waiting for you. Enjoy the beauty of our wonderful lakes and different villages. We offer you a real Kyrgyz-Uzbek folklore show.


Festival “Kurak, terme, saima”          

Date: June 22

Place: Jalalabat (Jalalabat Oblast)

Short description: Demonstration of making: kurak, saima, terme.



National Horse Games Festival by CBT Kochkor

Date: July 25Place: Batai-Aral Yurt camp, on the north-eastern shore of Son-Kol Lake

Short description: National horse games Ulak-Tartysh, Kyz-Kuumai, Tyiyn-Enmei, Er-Enish; Folklore show; Kyrgyz cuisine


National Uzbek cuisine festival by CBT Jalalabat    

Date: July 27

Place: Jalalabat (Jalalabat Oblast)

Short description: Uzbek cuisine cooking and demonstration



National Horse Games and Birds of Prey Festival   

Date: August 6

Place: Tamchy village (northern lakeshore of Issyk-Kul lake)

Short description: Demonstration of hunting with a Golden Eagle; show of Kyrgyz national games “Ulak-Tartysh” and “Tyiyn-Enmei”.

Birds of Prey Festival by CBT Bokonbaevo

Date: August 10

Place: Jaichy yurt camp (southern lakeshore of Issyk-Kul Lake, near Kok-Sai Village)

Short description: Demonstration of hunting with a Golden Eagle; folklore show; exhibition and sale of handicrafts and souvenirs; tasting of Kyrgyz cuisine.


Autumn marathon In the walnut forest. 8km

Date: October 5

Place: Arslanbob village (Jalalabad)

Short description: Photo exhibition and local sale handicrafts, folklore show, wrestling with kids, donkey racing.

For further information and reservation please contact our managers.

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14 September
International hotels chain in Astana city, Kazakhstan

Dear colleagues, we prepared a special list of international hotels chain in Astana, Kazakhstan. We hope that this information will be useful for you in planning of your events and will help you to choose the best location.

5* hotels

Hotel Radisson Blue (formerly SAS) Astana



Hotel located on the boarder of  traditional and new administrative centers of Astana, on distance of a small walk from the central park and Trade house, in 18 km drive from international airport of Astana.



Hotel offers 181 rooms:

  • standard single and double rooms – 128
  • business class rooms- 34
  • lux rooms with one bedroom – 16
  • lux rooms with two bedrooms – 2
  • presidential suit – 1


*conference facilities

There is a great opportunity to hold big events of different level. There are 5 conference rooms and 3 board rooms with maximum capacity up to 1200 people.

  1. Saryarka – 1200 people in theatre style
  2. Saryarka I – 400 people in theatre style
  3. Saryarka II – 200 people in theatre style
  4. Saryarka III – 200 people in theatre style
  5. Saryarka IV – 500 people in theatre style
  6. Boardroom Almaty – 16 people
  7. Boardroom Astana – 40 people in theatre style
  8. Boardroom Aktau – 80 people in theatre style


+ convenient for business travelers as hotel located in a business center of the city

+ a part of Radisson international hotels chain

+ rooms for disabled people available

+ nonsmoking rooms available


– hotel was opened in 2006 and some rooms need renovation

– there are a night club and a casino in the hotel and sometimes it could be noisy

– no exchange office in the hotel

Rixos President Astana hotel


Rixos President Astana is located in the new administrative and business center of the capital of Kazakhstan, in 12 km drive from international airport of Astana.





Hotel offers 184 rooms of different categories:

  • deluxe rooms – 146
  • premium rooms – 17
  • junior Suite – 4
  • presidential Suites -12
  • executive Suites – 2
  • royal suites – 2

 *conference facilities

Hotel has conference rooms with maximum capacity up to 500 people. There are 7 rooms for events of different level:

  1. ZHERUK HALL – 700 people in theatre style
  2. SHANYRAK – 175 people in theatre style
  3. D HALL – 90 people in theatre style
  4. BOARDROOM – 15 people
  5. ORDA – 60 people in theatre style
  6. AZHAR – 40 people in theatre style
  7. OTAU – 20 people in theatre style


+ high class service, very popular among political and business elite

+ ideal place for big events as there are a lot of big and spacious halls

+ convenient location in a city center

+ luxurious spa salon, perfect place for rest after busy working day

+ nonsmoking rooms available


– expensive hotel

– hotel was opened in 2008 and some rooms need renovation

Astana Marriott Hotel 


Astana Marriott Hotel is located in the center of Astana, just a few minutes walk from Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center in 14 km drive from the international airport of Astana.





Hotel offers 271 rooms of different categories:

  • deluxe room – 140
  • superior room – 18
  • executive rooms – 68
  • luxe rooms – 13
  • luxe rooms for long stays – 27
  • royal luxe rooms – 2
  • presidential suit – 1

*conference facilities

There are 5 conference rooms with maximum capacity up to 160 people:

  1. Grand Ballroom (Balkhash, Zaysan, Tengiz) – 250 people in theatre style
  2. Tengiz – 70 people in theatre style
  3. Ishim – 40 people in theatre style
  4. Ural – 40 people in theatre style
  5. Boardroom – 10 people in conference style


+ convenient location in a business and cultural center

+ new hotel, was built in 2014

+ the whole territory of the hotel is nonsmoking

+ tennis court is available


– expensive hotel

The Ritz Carlton Astana


Hotel located in a multifunctional Talan Towers in cultural and business center of the city. The nearest airport is Astana International Airport, 13.5 km from the property.





Hotel offers 157 rooms of different category, 32 suites and 27 residences.






*conference facilities

There are 5 conference rooms with maximum capacity up to 1100 people.


+ convenient location

+ new property, was opened in 2017


– as the hotel was opened very recently, the personnel need more trainings on guest service

Hilton Garden Inn Astana


Centrally located in the newest part of Astana, the modern Hilton Garden Inn Astana hotel boasts easy access to the city center and numerous businesses and government offices. International airport of Astana is in 30minutes drive form the hotel.




There are 248 comfortable rooms of different categories:

  • standard room – 112
  • superior standard room – 50
  • deluxe room – 18
  • twin rooms – 62
  • rooms for disabled people – 2
  • business lux apartments – 4

*conference facilities

Hotel offers 9 conference rooms with maximum capacity up to 300 people:

  1. Apple – 30 people in theatre style
  2. Cedar – 15 people in theatre style
  3. Garden – 400 people in theatre style
  4. Garden 1 – 100 people in theatre style
  5. Garden 2 – 100 people in theatre style
  6. Garden 3 – 100 people in theatre style
  7. Garden 4 – 100 people in theatre style
  8. Pine – 20 people in theatre style
  9. Tulip – 50 people in theatre style


+ convenient location in the city center

+large accommodation facilities

+ new hotel, was opened in 2014

+ reasonable price for a good level of service


– nonsmoking rooms are not available


4* hotels

Park Inn by Radisson Astana


Hotel located in the business district next to the Arman complex corporate center.  Just 3.5km from Astana train station, 13.1km from Nurly Zhol train station and 14km from the airport.




Hotel is glad to offer 248 rooms of different level:

  • twin rooms – 148
  • double rooms – 76
  • superior room 14
  • lux room – 8
  • rooms for disabled guests – 2


*conference facilities

Hotel offers 11 venues for different kinds of events with maximum capacity up to 200 people.


+ central location

+ new hotel, opened in 2013

+ smoking is forbidden

+ good conference facilities


– slow internet connection

– no fridges and cupboards in standard rooms

 Duman hotel


The hotel complex “Duman” is located on the left bank of the Ishim River, in the vicinity of the Central City Park, just a 5-minute walk from the shopping and entertainment center “Mega Astana”.




Hotel offers 248 rooms of different level:

  • standard rooms – 166
  • lux room with one bedroom – 29
  • lux room with two bedrooms – 12
  • rooms for disabled guests – 2
  • presidential suit – 2


*conference facilities

Hotel Duman is pleased to offer 4 conference halls for events of different level:

  • Conference Hall “Parliament” – 250 people in theatre style
  • Conference Hall “Aristocrat” – 50 people in theatre style
  • Conference hall “Diplomat” – 30 people in theatre style
  • Conference Hall «Mason» – 15 people in theatre style


+ convenient location, 6 km drive from the city center

+ there is an entertainment center nearby the hotel with cinema, aquarium, bowling center and many other interesting places to visit


– some necessary items are available only upon request, for example iron, bathrobe

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