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Dear Friends!
Our company congratulates warmly all the mountaineers who summited 7000 m peaks of Kyrgyzstan in 2017.
Lenin PeakLenin Peak is the highest summit of Zailiysky Range. Its height is 7134 meters above sea level.
There are 3 seven thousand meters peaks on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, and Lenin Peak is the most accessible and popular amongst the mountain climbers of the world. 
As a rule, Lenin Peak is a starting summit for Snow Leopard program. Lenin Peak is a success with experienced climbers and down hill skiers. The mount itinerary isnt of particular technical difficulty. And, the descent from the seven thousand meters peak makes an indelible impression even upon the supporter of the most extreme sports. Weather conditions are propitious enough in the region of Lenin Peak. However, you shouldnt forget that Lenin Peak is seven thousand meters summit that is why a principal difficulty of the expedition to theLenin Peak is an altitude. Low temperatures, the periods of foul weather, as well as avalanches must be taken into account. The Achik Tash Base Camp, which is the starting point for the expedition to Lenin Peak, is situated on a verdant glade at an altitude of 3000 meters a. s. l. The 1st camp is located on a moraine at an altitude of 4400 meters above sea level. The both camps offer a comfortable accommodation and give a perfect possibility to have a good rest during the expedition.

Undoubtedly, the Jewel of the Tien Shan is the wonderful pyramid of Khan-Tengri . Khan-Tengri peak, which is situated in the northerly and remote part of the great Asian mountains, takes the second place among the highest mounts. The local people call the white peaks 'The Mountains of Heaven'.  It was a Soviet expedition which first conquered the summit of Khan-Tengri peak in 1931, via the West Ridge and West Col. Soviet teams have climbed the majority of Khan-Tengris faces and ridges since then.

 One of the classical routes we offer is started from the south, the Western Col is reached from the Southern Inylchek glacier. Among mountaineers this route is very popular. To climb peak Khan-Tengri 3 or 4 camps will be used taking into consideration weather conditions at the time. 
In Kyrgyzstan there are three seven-odd thousand metres high (seventhousander) of five in former Soviet Union, now CIS. One of these seventhousanders is - Lenin peak (7134 m). It is the most affordable of seventhousanders for ascent. The route has no special technical difficulties and does not require specialized equipment in addition to cats, ski poles and ice axe. The advantage of climbing Lenin peak that base camp is located on a green glade, at an altitude of 3600 meters, which contributes to a better rest and recovery before the main climb to the peak.
   Khan-Tengri peak indescribable beautiful. When the early morning peak Khan-Tengri burning gold over the surrounding mountain range, your eyes will turn in his direction and it is difficult to break away from this spectacle.
For climbers, this peak is one of the few in the world, on top of which everyone wants to visit.
Do not try to conquer this peak, with its track record includes only a few routes 1-3 complexity (at least without an experienced guide). Mount serious both physically and technically. There is a route - "classic", at the Western edge of which we now and will tell you, and you think carefully and weigh their strength, after all, if you decide to do this then you will be one on one with the great Mountain...

For many years already the alpinists have trekked up to the Base Camp South Inylchek along the glacier in order to get a better acclimatization before climbing Khan Tengri and Pobeda peaks. The trek up along the glacier not only helps you to get better acclimatization, but also gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of Tien Shan.
The trek starts in At Jailoo gorge an amazingly beautiful place on Inylchek river bank, one of your Camps overlooks stunning Nansen peak, and at the confluence of South and North Inylchek you can walk to see the famous Merzbacher Lake. But there were some people who wouldnt accept this way of acclimatization because of the necessity to carry much - tents, food and personal belongings, etc. 2017 Ak-Sai Travel will set up permanent tent Camps all along the route to make the trek possible and easy for you (see map).

Pobeda peak

Among all the other peaks of the grand Tien Shan mountain range Pobeda Peak overranges them with more than 400 meters. Having complex and broad structure, this peak produces the most reverential impression on people. Soviet mountaineers climbed the peak in the thirties of the last century. However, until the spring of 1943 it wasnt known that they had actually reached the highest summit of the Northern mountain range. The Soviet team managed to conquer the peak in 1943 and at last it was named Pobeda Peak with the meaning of "victory peak".

The name Muztagh Ata means Ice Father in the local Uygyr language. It's easy to understand why it got such name, as it really dominates all surroundings. It's not only a high peak; it's also large in terms of the circumference of the base. Its glaciated summit looms about 4 kilometres over the beautiful Subashi Valley and the deep blue Karakol Lake completes the picture.
There was a debate about a range the peak belongs to, but nowadays most consider it to be the western end of mighty Kunlun Shan Range. Some are still placing Muztagh Ata to Pamir, but those are in small minority. The sub range it belongs to is named Kongur Shan, which refers to its higher neighbour a bit further north. Muztagh Ata is the third highest peak in the Kunlun, second to Kongur.

Attention! To participate in the expedition a prepayment should be submitted until 18 May. This is due to the necessity of filling in the application for registration of permits two months before the start of the expedition. After 18th of Maythe application for participation will not be accepted.

The highest peak  of the Bayankol region is a  Marble Wall which  is 6400 m above sea level. Mountain mass Marble Wall is situated between Meridionalny and Sarydshaz ranges. The surrounding tops are somewhat lower but they are very impressive: Semenov peak- 5816 , Bayankol- 5790 m, Karlytau -5 550 m, Kazakhstan -5 761 m. Pogranichnik- 5 250 m. There are also a great number of peaks 4000-5000 m, above sea level in the region.
Marble Wall is really a majestic rocky wall consisting of marble limestone. The main attraction of this peak for alpinists is a variety of routes and possibility of choosing the routes that have not been yet travelled. This peak may be available both in summer and in winter. And this dazzling beauty is an attractive world of mountains acceptable during the whole year.

Pik Imeni Ismail Samani, formerly Communism Peak, is the highest peak in the Pamirs, and the highest in the former Soviet Union. It is situated on the junction of the Academia Nauk and Pyotr Pyervy ridges and so remote that it took explorers twenty years to find a way to it. Communism Peak is a huge craggy mountain, heavily glaciated despite its rising above a dry, barren region. The rock is poor and the approach is difficult, but because it is the highest of all peaks in the region, climbers have been active on the mountain for decades, and a variety of routes exist to the summit.


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