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Ak-Suu village event on 8th of December 2016

General information

In the beginning of the month we all together left to Karakol town, where we met the rest of the team of Ak-Sai Travel. Later we headed to Ak-Suu village (or Teplokluchenka). We organized and conduct sport event for children of Ak-Suu orphanage and let them acquaint with Floor ball.

Floor ball or hockey hall team sport of hockey family. It plays indoors on a solid level floor with plastic ball, that you hit by special stick. The main goal is to score to the gates of your rival.
In this tournament we had 85 children. 35 children at 4-9 ages, the rest of them 12-16 ages.

We started this event from the official opening, as it takes place at every big and serious sport competition. We listened national anthem of Kyrgyzstan watching state flag coming inside the hall. Such type of opening we chose to form patriotic minds and love to the native country.

Later we started little work out to heat up muscles. Children were split on 5 teams and we gave them several minutes to invent the name of the team and slogan. So we got Karyshkyr - Tigers, Drakony - Dragons, Drujba - Friendship, Udacha Luck and Pobediteli Winners. After 25 minutes competitions had been started.

This tournament consisted from 3 parts. At the end, we put all earned points together and the team Karyshkyr won.

Children liked this event, because we prepared gifts for everyone. Winners got special t-shirts of Ak-Sai Travel.

But, we didnt forgot about our children in Chui valley. On 15th of December we organized and conduct similar sport competition of Floor ball for orphanages near Bishkek.

There were children of 15-16 years old from three middle schools #4, #10, #11, as well as children from special Belovodsk school.
We had 70 players in total, mixed in 5 different teams considering an idea to meet new friends and develop skills of cooperation.

Children from the special school were very happy to spent some time with children from usual schools as special schools have very strict rules. Of cause, children from special schools studied in usual schools first, but due to the bad behavior and according the decision of the court, they had been moved to the special organization.

This time as the previous nobody left with empty hands. Three teams got prices for the best results and 2 other teams werent disappointed. All children liked this competition and this new type of sport - Floor Ball.

Once again we are happy to bring happiness and joy to children and pay as much attention as we can. All of them deserve this and even more. After all it doesnt matter which part of society you are came from, we want those children to feel needed.

Here is the last month of 2016.

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