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Short story and report on our trip to Kel Suu lake

July 24, 2019

Short story and report on our trip to Kel Suu lake

Short story and report on our trip 🙃

Once upon a time, in some miraculous way, we saw that on July 19th, our beautiful tent camp on Kel-Suu is free.

Not thinking for a long time, we realized that we should certainly introduce our citizens and citizens of Kazakhstan our camp and that beautiful place.

Everything was pretty simple.
We calculated the tour and 60 wonderful people joined us!
It was really incredible.

After all, everyone was very open-minded, friendly.
And after the trip everyone was a hero!

So about the trip:

The way takes 12-14 hours🤷
Long way, difficult and with many stops.

The trip of incredible beauty.
The landscape changes so many times,
from green pastures to steep mountain passes 🏔
So, after 14 hours way, we were there.
Camp keepers were already waiting for us.
Kel Suu lake
Wonderful dinner 🥘, sleep, breakfast, already prepared lunchboxes – we started our hike.

Trek to the lake 8 km.
We divided into 3 groups with guides.
The route to the lake is not difficult at all, there is only one uphill, right before the lake itself.
Kel Suu lake
We overcame the entire route, and saw the lake “Kel-Suu” of heavenly beauty before us.
Kel Suu lakeKel Suu lake
Everyone just gasped with delight.

We spent about 5 hours at the lake, it was amazingly interesting.
The lake, steep cliffs, caves charmed everyone.

In the evening, the trip participants came down, split into groups, had dinner and shared their impressions 🙃
Kel Suu lakeKel Suu lake
On July 21st after breakfast, we depart home.

Kel Suu lake
With sadness and tears in our eyes, we didn’t want to leave at all.
Kel Suu lake
Thanks to all participants of this trip.
There were shortcomings.
But we will fix everything.

Kiss, hug
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