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20 March
Excursion to Alamedin Gorge

Last weekend in our “Travel, Discover, Help” project was rich with fresh mountain air, tons of positive emotions and beautiful valley landscapes. Together with our wards from orphanage, we went to the Alamedin canyon that located to the south from Bishkek.

We aimed to reach frozen waterfall Tiketor (5.6 km one way) following the rugged mountainous terrain. The weather was perfect, no any single cloud during the day. While hiking, children familiarized with mountain relief, learned the safety code of stay in the mountains and trained their skills of moving in groups in the mountains area. Also children found out where two famous peaks Kyrgyzstan and Aman Too are situated. When we reached our goal, everybody camp nearby for lunch and some active games.

“Travel, Discover, Help” project continuous its program and is going to take kids to the annual trek to Konorcheck canyon for 2-3 days, that situated on the border between Chui and Issyk Kul Lake valleys.

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4 March
Visit to Kyrgyz Aviation University.

Today we write about promised visit to Kyrgyz Aviation University.

Time goes by in “Travel Discover Help” and this is our second visit to the mentioned University as we’ve got new generation of children from the Voenno-Antonovka orphanage

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20 February
Visit AUCA college.
Yesterday, on 18th of February, there was a new day in Travel Discover Help project when we took our wards to AUCA.
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13 February
First experience in Paintball

Finally, our long-awaited trip to a Paintball-game took place.

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15 November
Theater named after A. Umuraliev
There was one more cultural event in our Travel Discover Help project on 14th of November.
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1 November
At Van Gogh’s Exhibition…

Today, November 1, there was an extraordinary adventure in our project Travel Discover Help.

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30 October
A football tournament among orphanages and teenagers from low-income families.

A football tournament among orphanages and teenagers from low-income families took place on October 26.

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12 August
Daytime summer camps.
“Travel Discover Help” project together with the Public Foundation “New Generation of Youth” organized daytime summer camps.
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6 June
Trip to the southern coast of Issyk-Kul lake

At the end of May, we had our last but not final trip of academic year!

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18 April
Finally we organized trekking in the mountains!
This time we headed to the new place – Kok Moinok canyon. It’s situated at the east of Kyrgyz mountain range, south-east from the capital.
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22 March
Rock Climbing in Chunkurchak, March 22, 2019
Finally, long-awaited holidays of our wards from the Military Antonovsky orphanage are here, that means it’s time to go to the mountains. What we actually did with the entire Travel Discover Help project team, we prepared the coolest climbing program at one of the most popular places for climbing on the natural terrain – natural boundary Chunkurchak.
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18 February
Manas higher education institute

Today, our “Travel Discover Help” project organized visit to the Kyrgyz – Turkish university “Manas”.

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