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Trip to the southern coast of Issyk-Kul lake

June 6, 2019

Trip to the southern coast of Issyk-Kul lake

At the end of May, we had our last but not final trip of academic year!

Together with the children from the Voenno-Antonovsky orphanage we went to Issyk-Kul lake, exactly to the most beautiful southern coast of.

The best students from our weekly meetings and English classes took part in the trip.


On the first day we went to the Belt-Tam yurt camp, where camp staff greeted us very warmly. The weather was wonderful that day, we had a lot of fun on the warm sand, played funny games and get away from the school routine. In the evening after dinner, we gathered around true campfire on the beach, where we dreamed a lot about the life that awaits all the guys ahead, upon graduation from the orphanage. Everyone was able to share plans.


Next morning, we went to the Fairy Tale Canyon and then to the beautiful gorge Boz-Salkyn. After 40 minutes of a small hike, we had a wonderful view of the endless Issyk Kul lake, the northern shore was really not visible that day. It seemed that the lake had no limits, the same as the life of young people, which is full of unknown and uncertain things, this brings fear and at the same time a huge potential and a list of various scenarios that will present to those who take steps to achieve their targets.
 We, the team of Ak-Sai Travel, sincerely believe that we have tried to give and show these guys maximum, everything we are able of. And we do not intend to rest on our achievments.

 For the summer period we have planned children’s day camps in the Chui and Issyk Kul regions. It will be organize for children from poor families and children from the risk group.

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