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6 February
6th of February. Mini-football tournament

Team of the “Travel, Discover, Help” organize mini-football tournament on the 6th of February.

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21 December
21st of December – New Year celebration in Seitek complex of youth

21st of December was a day of our last visit in 2017 within the “Travel Discover Help” project to the New Year celebration “In search of Cinderella” that has been held in complex of youth – “Seitek” with children of “Voenno-Antonovka” orphanage.

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28 October
October 28th – Hiking in Ala-Archa gorge

After a short break, we made another visit to our children from the Voenno-Antonovsky orphanage.

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28 July
Report on the summer children’s “Dream” day camp in the village of Tyup, July 2017
Report on the summer children’s “Dream” day camp in the village of Tyup, July 2017
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24 May
Travel, Discover, Help – Excursion to Kyrgyz Aviation college

On the last Thursday, 9th of February, Ak-Sai Travel in collaboration with “New generation of Youth” organized and conducted excursion to our children to the Kyrgyz Aviation college named after Abydraimov.

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20 March
20th of March: Nooruz on Ala-Too square

In our “Travel Discover Help” project one of the most important events of recent months took place.

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28 February
mountain trekking courses for children of Ak-Suu

On the last Saturday, on 11th of February, 2017, Ak-Sai Travel team headed to the Issyk Kul Lake, to the village Teplokluchenka and met our guys in Ak Suu orphanages. We haven’t seen those children month and a half.

This year, we decided to concentrate on the specific purpose of work with children from Ak-Suu orphanage. We want them to be a part of our big Ak-Sai mountain family and work in this region.

Ak-Sai Travel started this meeting from a little demonstration, where children learnt more about trekking equipment like: 1) Rucksack, 2) Tent, 3) Sleeping bag, 4) Mattress, 5) Alpenstock, 6) Rope, 7) Carbine, 8) Bindings etc. Later, we headed to the school playground, where was prepared suspension bridge, suspended path through the river, the ground to set a tent and the place to set the bonfire.
All children had been split on several teams and every team had an opportunity to pass improvised trekking in mountains, with only difference, we weren’t in mountains, but on the school playground.

Our children had very good practice of packing their rucksack, setting tent, starting a bonfire, building of stretcher to carry injured person and try their skills on the suspended bridge.
Next weeks the team of Ak-Sai from Karakol and Ak-Suu is going to devote some more lessons for our children at the same sphere. There is a purpose to train worth successors to work on treks during summer season. All trainings we want to enshrine with the real trekking to the real mountains, where children will feel the experience of healthy lifestyle and the deep-deep nature. Later it will help them to live their lives worthily. This layer of the society is the most vulnerable and graduates of orphanages work three-four times harder than anyone to reach good results.

This is our passed weekend within “Travel, Discover, Help” project.

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24 February
24-25th of February: excursion to Tasma village

Last weekend our team of Travel Discover Help project went to Issyk kul region to the Ak Suu village to our long-time friends of Ak Suu Orphanage. Together with the children we undertook our next travelling to Tasma village to visit local handcrafters at a small work shop that produces herbal soap and warm felt boots and sleepers.

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9 February
9th of February – Excursion to the Kyrgyz Aviation college

On the last Thursday, 9th of February, Ak-Sai Travel in collaboration with “New generation of Youth” organized and conducted excursion to our children to the Kyrgyz Aviation college named after Abydraimov.

Our main goal was “career guidance” – we intended to show to high school students from orphanages one of the optional way to enter for the next grade of study for the next branches: 1) Air steward, 2) Aircraft engineer, 3) Aircraft pilot, 4) Coordinator of transportation.

Here we got acquaint with helicopter MI – 24, with campus, with teachers of different subjects and disciplines, learned history of the  national civil aviation. And it happened that we visited this college in the day of Aeroflot’s birthday and we took part in a little event with dancing organized by local students. All teachers were very welcome and sheared their knowledge with pleasure.

Our children liked this excursion, because they found lots of interesting things. Moreover Kyrgyz Aviation college recruits pupil based on 9 years of study in school. That’s why, after graduation of the orphan school, children will get an opportunity to enter to the Aviation college.

Probably the most of us dreamed to fly and Kyrgyz Aviation college give you such an opportunity.
We are a team of Ak-Sai Travel open the door for children, the door to the unknown world, which is surround boys and girls after graduation school and enter to the matured life.

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4 February
4th of February – dancing theatre “Temptation”

Ak-Sai Travel team of the project “Travel, Discover, Help” took 36 children and 2 leaders of the Voenno-Antonovka orphanage to the magnificent event of the Saint-Petersburg dancing theatre “Temptation” on the 4th of February, 2018.

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28 January
28 January – mini-football competition in Bishkek

On Saturday, 28 January 2017, a mini-football competition was held between orphan’s homes in the Sun City sports center.

The above competition was jointly arranged and held with the Oasis Public Charitable Foundation. As we understand it, it was a kind of introductory meeting with potential children in ward with whom we are intending to work during the year 2017 within the Travel Discover Help Project framework.

4 teams took part in this competition:

– Team of Tokmok orphan home;
– Team of Krasnaya Rechka orphan home;
– Team of Voenno Antonovka boarding house; and
– Team of graduates from various orphanages.

The timetable was distributed in such a way that teams were able to play only one match with each other, having in total 8 matches with the duration 20 minutes per each match.
At the end of the competition a winning team was selected and it was the team of Voenno Antonovka boarding house, the second place was awarded to the  team of Chui (Tokmak) orphan house, the third place was given to the team of graduates from various orphan’s homes. The remaining team from Krasnaya Rechka orphan house was also awarded “for their desire to win”. No one went away empty-handed. Three prized places were awarded with medals and cups, delicious recognition prizes in the form of sweets and drinks were also distributed among the competitors.

The kids really liked our competition, and in particular a chance to meet with each other on neutral territory in our capital city of Bishkek, because all the orphanages are located in various places of the Chui oblast.

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