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Report on the summer children’s “Dream” day camp in the village of Tyup, July 2017

July 28, 2017

Report on the summer children’s “Dream” day camp in the village of Tyup, July 2017

Report on the summer children’s “Dream” day camp in the village of Tyup, July 2017

Before start our report we wish thanks Ak-Sai Travel Company for organizing this amazing camp for children in Tyup! The trip was a joy not only for the children from this village, but for us – employees and volunteers of the public foundation “New Generation of Youth” and the two children who went to the camp together with us!!! Our team of seven was in the Tyup village for the first time. We were hospitably welcomed by Rustam and Asel, who opened the doors of their house for the summer program. Our “Dream” camp was already waiting for the children!

We started our first day of the camp meeting each other. So we called this day – “The Introduction Day”! Children were of different ages from 2 to 14 years. They gladly decorated their drawings, art projects; played acquaintance games and watched cheerful cartoons.

On this day we learned how to play Kyrgyz courtyard games and taught kids to play the games that we prepared for them!

Two detachments, the younger and the older, chose the names “Sun” and “Super Heroes”.

Together with the leaders the children made their flags, created the lyrics and practiced band songs!

For lunch they had a delicious pilaf with salad waiting for them! And by the end of the day everyone participated in the sports relay races!

The second day was called “Friendship.” This day was dedicated to socializing and learning about friendship. The guys of the senior detachment shared what in their understanding – friendship is and what qualities are needed to be a good friend!
The camp was visited by 30 or more children every day! We organized games, so that they would better remember each other’s names and socialize.

The senior squad played a team game called “Red Flag”. Here it was necessary to show speed, wit and mutual assistance! The most tired after this game were their leaders!!! Together with them, the children made a “Board of Dreams” where they placed their dreams.

At that time the junior detachment was engaged in the manufacture of hand-made articles. They were happy to use color templates, prepared for them in advance, to make a funny airplane with cotton clouds. It was very fun for them to use glue, even if their masterpieces could not appear right after the first try.

Modeling plasticine with bright bottons was such an unusual and joyful occupation for them! Everyone turned out his little souvenir for his parents!

Later, the senior detachment took up handicrafts. They made masterpieces from various buttons and glue – the Indian elephant!

Then, a delicious lunch, the cartoons and the most fun time – playing with water were waiting for guys!!! They did not expect such a hot day at all! Filled in advance with water, balloons after falling into the hands of children flew into opposite teams!

And no one expected that the group photo would end up with a copious stream of water from different sides! They really liked it!

And at the end of the water games, each of the guys received a dry new t-shirt as a present, in which they could go home!!! So the second day of the camp ended!

The morning of the third day, which was called “Trust”, we started as usual with morning exercises!

And continued with a lesson for older children on the theme of “Trust” and filling the monitoring, in which the children evaluated our work.

On this day, we played a game where the guys from the senior detachment went on a trip blindfolded, holding tightly in one bundle! They needed to show courage, confidence and attentiveness during the passage of all obstacles!

And the kids were doing one of their favorite activities – drawing with colors!

They made applications, shaped their hands and cut out the contour! As a result, they got a beautiful swan on the waves of the sea!

They played board games for the development of attention and motor skills!

We rehearsed the song for the concert. This is an incendiary song from the cartoon Masha and the bear – “lullaby”

The senior detachment also did hand-made articles – postcards for parents and rehearsed their song “Balloons”!

All camp tried on funny mustaches and participated in a photo session!!!

After a delicious lunch, they played a game called “Stations”! Children were divided into groups, they had to perform a certain task at each Station. Each team earned points for this task! Here – friendliness, mutual support, speed, ingenuity and fun was taken into account!

So, at the “Crocodile” station, the children had to show and guess as many given words as possible in 30 seconds. At this station they could show their acting abilities, show imagination and creative thinking!

At the station “Throw a ball” show athletic ability and accuracy!

To bring as much water as possible with a spoon, without spilling it on the way to the station “Carry over the water”

Entire team climbed together the “Net” station.

At the end of the activities we played group games such as “Zharim-Parim”, table games,

Children made postcards and watched the “Moana” cartoon.
The last day of the camp ended with a concert for parents, funny performances, gift giving and tea-drinking with sweets!!!

Thank you very much for your support, generosity and attention to the young generation!!!

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