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Nature of China

In the eastern part of Eurasia is China, being the third country in the world in terms of floor space, after Russia and Canada.9.6 million sq. Km – the area of ​​China.China has a border with Russia, Mongolia, North Korea, Myanmar, India, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.Peoples Republic of China is located in the territory, which is washed by the waters of the Pacific, namely its seas: South China, East China and Yellow, as well as the Korean Bay.Between the mainland and the island of Taiwan passes the Taiwan Strait. Features of the nature of China due primarily to the presence of various types of climate – from subtropical to continental.


For China, characterized by the presence at the same time the highest mountain ranges – the Himalayas (the highest peak in the world – Mount Everest, 8,848 m), plains, valleys, plateaus, valleys and cirque glaciers, alpine desert. On the area with heights of more than 500m accounts for more than 85% of the country, and at an altitude of over 5000 m are about 19% of its territory.In China, you can watch a variety of surface deposits. Over time, the nature of China’s carefully created them.As a result, the concentration of these deposits came one of the largest in the world Loess Plateau in the northern part of the country.It takes its beginning at the bend of the Yellow River and has an area of ​​580 thousand sq.

Loess, or “huantu” – “yellow earth” in Chinese.The literal translation of the name of the loess landscape arose by chance.The color of these deposits, typical of northern China, has ordained the entire range of colors of the Yellow River.

The climate

size of the country, climatic conditions, the nature of China, its features, allow to clearly distinguish among most other Asian.Talking about the features of the country’s climate, it is necessary to focus on its diversity.In the southeast, it is subtropical, and in the north-west – continental.The interaction between the air masses of the ocean and the land south coast exposed to the monsoon.Depending on the occurrence, intensity, and monsoon distributed attenuation amount and concentration of sediments.Diametrically opposed temperature readings, and especially the nature of China are inextricably linked.In winter in the northern part of the country – Heilongjiang Province, located in a temperate climate – the temperature drops to -30 ° C, and the average temperature – 0 ° C.In summer the average temperature is – 20 ° C.And in the southern regions of Guangdong Province is much warmer – from + 28 ° C in July to + 10 ° C in January.

Water wealth of the country

slush highlands of the Tibetan plateau is an indispensable water donor country’s main rivers: Salween, Mekong, Yangtze, the Yellow River.Most of China’s major rivers originate in the mountains.Grand Canal of China, built in VII-XIII cc., Located along the coast, connects the mouth of the largest rivers of the Yellow River and Yangtze River.

not cease to admire how rich and diverse nature of China.Striking splendor of the natural reservoirs: Tianchi (Heavenly Lake), located east of Urumqi, on the slopes of Bogda ula Mansorovar – one of the most highly placed in the world of freshwater lakes, pearls Hantchzhou – West Lake.Huge rivers of the country are also fascinating. However, they are moody and can bring a lot of grief for those who live along its banks.

China and its wildlife

are inextricable link between a man and nature in China.A striking example of such continuity can be seen in Heilongjiang national park, the largest by the number of individuals of the Amur tigers.There are more than 1 thousand. In order to create conditions for the adaptation of living tigers animals being closely monitored, and measures are being taken to maintain their health.Conditions for feeding animals close to nature – namely, mainly meat and live poultry.Favorable conditions for the migration of animals.Observations of the tigers are held for more than 20 years.

Flora and fauna of China

Nature has generously endowed the Chinese variety of species and subspecies of flora and fauna.Some species of the family and the flora and fauna differ antiquity incurred.Because of the variety of flora in China can be isolated cedar and larch taiga, magnolias and camellias in the subtropics, as well as about 25 thousand. Relict species in East China.Of the inhabitants of the animal kingdom in the north-west of China can meet gazelle and Przewalski’s horse in Tibet – Himalaya bear, antelope Tibetan antelope, Kiang.In the south-west of the country can be seen flying dogs, big and small pandas, leopards and Lori.China is rich in little-known and sometimes difficult to reach the treasures of nature.Wildlife China represented the magnificence of Mount Everest, noisy cascades tiered waterfalls of Jiuzhaigou Valley, rock formations in the province of Gansu, created mainly of red sandstone and has been called “Landscape Danks.”And the list is infinitely long.

Amazing natural monuments

Chinese poet Li Bo named Mount Huangshan “yellow mountains.”This amazing natural monuments of China.You wonder, looking at the yellow, sometimes golden, tops.These mountains are high enough to some of their tops – about 2 thousand. Meters.Tops Huangshan, being literally in the clouds, creating bizarre visuals.So were given the name “Buddha’s Light”, “Cloud Sea” and others.

To complete understanding of all the wealth of nature and sometimes even a certain unreality of landscapes, of course, you only need to see.This mountain range is visited by many tourists, not only, but also of the crew.The famous director James Cameron is filming the movie “Avatar”, I saw in these places on the planet Pandora.Shooting field episodes occurred in the Chinese province of Anhui – there goes Huangshan mountain.And it is “Yellow Mountain” have to make a list of must-visit amazing places on Earth.

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