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One day excursions in Almaty

June 15, 2018

One day excursions in Almaty

Ak Sai Travel Company is glad to offer you one day excursions in Almaty city. You will have a chance to see the most interesting and unique sights of the city and to feel the real city life. Our team will create a special program according to your requests. For more detailed information please contact our managers. We will help you with pleasure.

Excursion # 1

Sightseeing tour

We start our excursion from Panfilov’s Park. Here you can see Ascension Cathedral, War Memorial complex, Eternal flame and National Instruments museum. Then transfer to Green Bazaar to feel the true colors of the east.




There you will see a lot of fruits, different spices, nuts and rows of national bread lepeshka. We will also visit the famous chocolate factory “Rahat” and Central Mosque of the city.

Availability: all year round

Group size: from 10 – 300 people





Excursion # 2

Trip to Ghunny ethnovillage and Lake Issyk

“Ghunny” ethnovillage is located 50 km away from Talgar city. Upon arrival to the complex, two warriors on the horses will meet you at the entrance. Also ladies in national costumes will greet you and treat you with sweats, this is national tradition called “Shashuu” and after you will have a chance to try popular national drink kymys. Then we will see horse games show called djigitovka.



Djigitovka – this is a process when rider is performing different acrobatic stunts during the horse riding. During this tour we will have a master class on felt making and we will prepare national bread – boorsok. Then we go for lunch to a restaurant in a yurt form. After lunch we will go to Issyk lake which is located in Issyk gorge in 70 km. from Almaty.

Availability: May – September

Group size: from 10 – 100 people



Excursion # 3

Helicopter flight to Medeo, Chym Bulak and “Sunkar” falconry (140 km).

During this tour you will see a huge dam protecting the city from floods and mudflows descending from the tops of the mountains of the western Tien – Shan. From the top of the dam, at an altitude of 1,733 meters above sea level, a beautiful view opens up to Medeo, the largest ice rink in the world, surrounded by the amazing mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau. Today we will fly over the Zailiysky Alatau, admire the landscapes of the Tien Shan Mountains (1 hour). We will land on the dam and continue our tour. During the tour – a trip on the cable car to the ski resort of Chimbulak.


Lunch at a cafe in Chim Bulak. Descent on the cable car to Medeo and return to the bus. The next part of our excursion is devoted to the program is an excursion to hunting birds and hunting dogs “Sunkar”. There live falcons, vultures, golden eagles, listed in the Red Book. Nearby there is a stable, cages with wolves and dogs, which participate in falconry. There will be an exciting show – hunting with a falcon. Return to Almaty.

Availability: all year round. Recommended season is May – September.

Group size: from 1 – 20 people


Excursion # 4

Rafting on the Turgen River, Bear Waterfall (150 km)

This excursion will be devoted to water activities. On the way you will pass the ancient burial place of Saks (burial grounds-burial mounds). In one of them  the “Golden Man” – (a very rich finding of Kazakhstani archaeologists) was found . The bus will deliver you to the place of rafting along the Turgen river.



Upon arrival you will get instructions from the trainers of the Kazakhstan Federation of Rafting, wear all necessary rescue equipment and start your adventure along the Turgen river.

One float lasts about thirty minutes, you will pass 3.5 km. The difficulty category of the alloy is low – 2-3 category but you will still be thrown into the “barrels”, on small rapids the water will fill the raft and cover you with your head. After rafting, you will go for an excursion to the “Bear”waterfall . Waterfall “Bear”. The height of the water fall is 40 m. This is one of the most easily accessible waterfalls and there are a lot of tourists.





Excursion #5

Medeo, Chym Bulak, Shunkar

Early in the morning we drive to Medeo. We will have a small excursion then take a cable car. We will climb up the funicular to Chim Bulak and further to the Talgar Pass. There we will have some time to make memorable photos of the picturesque view. Further we descend on a funicular to Medeo for lunch.



Transfer to the Alma Arasan gorge after lunch. After arrival we will go for hiking to a waterfall or walk to the mountains. Then we go to the falconry nursery, visit the Sunkar cattery. There we will be able to walk around the nursery and enjoy the falconry show. Dinner time.

Availability: all year round.

Group size: from 1 – 100 people




Excursion# 6

“Bear” waterfall and big Almaty Lake

Early in the morning we drive to Almaarasan and from there we will start our excursion. After excursion we will go the big Almaty Lake (if the road condition allows). Also we can visit observatory. There we will walk a little bit along the territory and have some time for memorable photos. Then we go for lunch to a rest complex TAU Dastorhan. After lunch an impressive falcon show will be awaiting for us at Sunkar falconry.


Availability: all year round. Recommended season is from May to September

Group size: from 1 – 100 people


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