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Ascenders’ list, Lenin peak 2015

Full Name Date of ascent


1 Gholipour Mandi Ahad July August Iran
2 Fatemi Bahehdigh Mirmortaza July August Iran
3 Khabibulin Mikhail July August Russia
4 Jurgen Schwarzler July August Germany
5 Dominique Freckmann July August Germany
6 Jeremy Tong July August Singapore
7 Muhammad Zafrie Bin Saad July August Singapore
8 Juho Knuuttila July August Finland
9 Markus Loth July August Germany
10 Thoralf Kiss July August Germany
 11 Andreas Hofer July August Germany
 12 Marina Krauss July August Germany
 13 Rutkevich Natalia July August Russia
 14 Sergey Larin July August Russia
 15 Ivanov Sergey July August Russia
 16 Duval Jean-Pierre July August France
 17 Boisse Jean-Pascal July August France
 18 Debeze Cyril July August France
 19 Gofflot Bruno July August France
 20 Faure Fabrice July August France
 21 Lopez Robert July August France
 22 Khomenyuk Mikhail July August Russia
 23 Pivtsov Vasiliy July August Kazakhstan
 24 Sylvain Perret July August France
 25 Rémi Dorat July August France
 26 Slobodyanyuk Boris July August Russia
 27 Yazdan Khan Kenari Jafar July August Iran
 28 Myasoedov Valery July August Russia
 29 Rozhansky Peter July August Russia
 30 Endo Dennis Cui July August Canada
 31 Pietrenko Nicolas July August France
 32 Mitroshenkov Igor July August Russia
 33 Romero olmos July August Spain
 34 Beneditto Pablo July August Spain
 35 Romero Olmos Joan Manuel July August Spain
 36 Botello De Maglia Vicente Javier July August Spain
 37 Ubeda Iranzo Juan Bautista Francisco July August Spain
 38 Almonacid Navarro Raul July August Spain
 39 Climent Morato Juan Bosco July August Spain
 40 Gomez Salinas Luis July August Spain
 41 Llinares Martinez Pedro Javier July August Spain
 42 Vives Martinez Maria Asuncion July August Spain
 43 Tudela Coret Carlos Manuel July August Spain
 44 Fuster Escriva Antoni Vicent July August Spain
 45 Calabuig Rodrigo Jose Javier July August Spain
 46 Gedmay Maksim July August Russia
 47 Chaplygin Mikhail July August Russia
 48 Tebiev Valery July August Russia
 49 Dmitry Tomilin July August Russia
 50 Astakhov Mikhail July August Russia
 51 Nazarenko Sergey July August Russia
 52 Myakishev Vladislav July August Russia
 53 Kurchavov Alexander July August Russia
 54 Ivanov Eug July August Russia
 55 Bulach Boris July August Russia
 56 Susloparov Pavel July August Russia
 57 Adamenko Alexander July August Russia
 58 Kesarevsky Vladislav July August Russia
 59 Ivan Dusharin July August Russia
 60 Mariev Andrey July August Russia
 61 Baryshnikov Alexey July August Russia
 62 Anil Sarkoglu July August Turkey
 63 Kenan Yilmaz  July August Turkey
 64 Salih Yidirim  July August Turkey
 65 Kemal Efe Erenel  July August Turkey
 66 Gerhard Pilz  July August Germany
 67 Christian Gamsjager  July August Germany
 68 Hubert Gschwandtner  July August Germany
 69 Tokarev Alexander  July August Russia
 70 Ermakova Nadezhda  July August Russia
 71 Mechetin Ludmila  July August Russia
 72 Kuzik Dmitry  July August Russia
 73 Jorgen Andersson  July August Sweden
 74 Kenneth Andersson  July August Sweden
 75 Antipin Alexey  July August Russia
 76 Greenbaum Vladimir  July August Kazakhstan
 77 Argunova Julia  July August Kazakhstan
 78 Ottepbaev Murat  July August Kazakhstan
 79 Bataeva Ludmila  July August Russia
 80 Pirozhkov Dmitry  July August Russia
 81 Khorram Mahdi  July August Iran
 82 Mehrdad Mohammadreza  July August Iran
 83 Leontiev Igor  July August Russia
 84 Moskalov Dmitry  July August Russia
 85 Chesnokov Alexander  July August Russia
 86 Erika Rintala  July August Finland
 87 Kim Dikert  July August Finland
 88 Zyryanov Alexander  July August Kazakhstan
 89 Usanovich Igor  July August Israel
 90 Kusunoki Osamu TC  July August Japan
 91 Andreas Schenk  July August Germany
 92 Yusuf Biltekin  July August Turkey
 93 Yılmaz Ünal  July August Turkey
 94 Adem Gül  July August Turkey
 95 Müslüm Öndes  July August Turkey
 96 Cemal Zerepcan  July August Turkey
 97 Halit Çelik  July August Turkey
 98 Esin Handal   July August Turkey
99 Bondar Oksana   July August Russia
 100 Zhdanova Elena   July August Russia
 101 Pascal Vogel   July August Germany
 102 Frank Nachtwey   July August Germany
 103 Kurek Zdzislaw   July August Poland
 104 Rusek Tomasz   July August Poland
 105 Tatjana Thomas   July August Germany
 106 Mohammad Heidarkhanisoha   July August Iran
 107 Amir Kalhor   July August Iran
108 Sofrygin Alexander   July August Kazakhstan
 109 Serazetdinov Alexander   July August Kazakhstan
110 Zanovich Igor   July August Russia
 111 Ermakov Alexey   July August Russia
 112 Tokarev Yuri   July August Russia
 113 Novoseltsev Andrey   July August Russia
 114 Karavaeva Marina   July August Russia
 115 Lunyak   July August Russia
 116 Hwang, Hyunsoo   July August Korea
 117 Kim Donghwa   July August Korea
 118 Robert Cholewa   July August Czech Republic
 119 Milan Radović   July August Montenegro
 120 Dragan Bulatovic   July August Montenegro
 121 Vaclav Potesil   July August Poland
 122 Herin Pierre Louis   July August France
 123 Albesa Bruno   July August France
 124 Bazin Serge   July August France
 125 Blancher Jean   July August France
 126 Soubrane Pascale  July August France
 127 Pawel Grzegorz Baluta    July August Poland
 128 Zinoviev Alexander    July August Russia
 129 Samorokov Alexander  July August Russia
 130 Voronin Andrey  July August Russia
 131 Favier Laurent  July August France
 132 Tim Jackson  July August Australia
 133 Craig Metherrel  July August South Africa
 134 Van Zyn Jakobus  July August South Africa
 135 Kim Wendell  July August Denmark
 136 Gerd Pletinck  July August Belgium
 137 Uwe Bitsch  July August Germany
 138 Marcus Van Der Zaag  July August Germany
 139 Krivosheev Maxim  July August Russia
 140 Pugovkin Anton  July August Russia
 141 Zhigalov Alexander  July August Russia
 142 Vasilyev Andrey  July August Russia
 143 Shipilov Vitaly   July August Russia
 144 Makovkin Mikhail   July August Russia
 145 Wheeled Basil   July August Russia
 146 Trepko Sergey   July August Russia
 147 Talanov Mikhail   July August Russia
 148 Kukhareva Galina   July August Russia
 149 Yuri Kruglov   July August Russia
 150 Yakovenko Alexander   July August Russia
 151 Shepelin Konstantin   July August Russia
 152 Trofimenko Natalia   July August Russia

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