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Yurt Camps

Ak Sai Yurt Camp at Son Kul Lake

Song-Kul yurt camp is located on the north shore of Lake Song-Kul, 20 km from the Tolok Pass. Song-Kul is a mountain lake situated in the Tian-Shan Mountain Range at an altitude of 3016.

The surroundings of Song-Kul are completely untouched. Perhaps the most surprising fact is that around Song-Kul, you will never see a tree or even a shrub, but there a plenty of medicinal herbs and various flowers. It is no surprise then, that this place has since ancient times been used as a summer pasture (jailoo).

yurt camp tash rabatTash-Rabat Yurt Camp is situated in 90 km from Naryn and 100 km from the Torugart, in 9 km to the south from the road to the Kyrgyz-Chinese border. Just in ten-minutes-driving from the yurt camp there is an ancient caravanserai Tash-Rabat  - one of the ancient relics of the Silk Road.

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