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Finally we organized trekking in the mountains!

April 18, 2019

Finally we organized trekking in the mountains!

This time we headed to the new place – Kok Moinok canyon. It’s situated at the east of Kyrgyz mountain range, south-east from the capital.

There were 29 participants of trekking.
Before our departure, we had quite rainy night, so there was a choice to keep going or cancel our trip. Considering all positive and negative sides we decided not to cancel and were right. One hour after our trek started clouds moved away and the sun appeared that pleased everybody as it was very important for 27 of us as it was their first trekking in the mountains. All three days we had good weather.

Trekking with Ak-SaiTrekking with Ak-Sai

Usually such trips accompany with special themes to discuss with our wards and here they are:
1)      Leaving comfort zone. Such trips are the best to drag yourself out of accustomed comfort.

Trekking with Ak-SaiTrekking with Ak-Sai

2)      Feeling of gratefulness. One of the most important aspect of our lives to feel gratefulness for something in your life. It seems for the children from orphanages that they have nobody and nothing, but there, in the mountains, in silence, they found the way to think and get lots of positive moments in their life to be grateful.
3)      Map of life. Here we compared life and topographic map as the map in the mountains is one of the most important instrument that takes us from point A to point B. Then we asked our children WHAT IS YOUR MAP OF LIFE? What helps you to find the way out of difficult situations? Everybody has their own ways – somebody use SPORT as a map, somebody prefer FAITH, somebody likes to be with his RELATIVES, or even ALCOHOL takes you out of all problems. Here children had time to think and define their own MAPS OF LIFE.

Trekking with Ak-SaiTrekking with Ak-Sai

4)      Who awaits you back home? It was the last very important theme to discuss. This question was asked at the last day, when we started our way back. It is incredibly important to understand what awaits you back home that helps to deal with all difficulties. Every child was able to say many good things about their homes, somebody liked study, somebody relatives and close friends etc.

Trekking with Ak-SaiTrekking with Ak-Sai

The main purpose of this trip was to make all participants think about their lives and goals. Because such aspects as success, health, happiness are the personal responsibility of each human.
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